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Button like your Brandon Davies, you have consent and if you haven't yet, subscribe to the YouTube channel, knock that out while you're here. Let's get into it. The biggest game on Thursday night schedule was a Big Ten showdown between Purdue and Maryland. The biggest question could Purdue get back on track after losing at northwestern on Super Bowl Sunday. The answer was no. Final score Maryland 68 perdue 54 Purdue trailed by as many as 18 points before losing by 14 so the boilermakers are now one in three in the past four games with all three losses coming to sub 15 Ken pom teams, dead leg on a scale of one to North Carolina. How concerned are you these days about Matt painter's team? How about a three, but sub 15 Ken pop teams? That seems like a stretch for qualification there, GP. That's called a fact. What I just did what I just, the words that came out of my mouth were effect. I know sometimes people who listen to this podcast, they don't like facts. They don't like facts, but that was a fact what I just told you, three losses to sub 15 Kim pump teams. Not necessarily the most disgraceful thing in the world. And they're all reasonable in terms of competition because Indiana northwestern and Maryland are all tracking to the tournament and with northwestern and Maryland, Purdue's actually produced providing its laying groundwork to make that happen by nature of getting wins over the boilermakers. And yeah, through the past four games for Purdue have been on the road and all those three have come in losses. And for Purdue, the good news is three or final four are going to be at home to Ohio State, a really rocking one next weekend, Indiana is going to come to town and you'll close up against Illinois. The road game is against Wisconsin. So here's my get to Maryland, but real quick on Purdue. I'm loving this. You know why I'm loving this? Because people are going to be so damn eager to fade this team. Go ahead, get involved. Go ahead. Dismiss this team. It's Purdue. They never went in the tournament. They never make friends. Go. Go. I don't need you, okay? This is exactly going as to plan. In fact, Purdue don't even win the Big Ten tournament. Do me a favor. Get dropped in the semis. Still have, I have the same amount of faith in this team to make the final four as I did a week ago two weeks ago, three weeks ago. Losses were inevitable. No, it has not, it was never separated from the rest of the sport. I still think that Purdue is capable of winning the national championship. I still like them as much as almost anyone to win four games in the NCAA tournament. It's gotten tripped up here. Some of the guard play, the youthfulness, the size, the athleticism, hasn't been exposed to sure it has Edie been less than what he's been absolutely having said that he's still the FrontRunner for national player of the year. I'm still not stepping off that. And I'm still not stepping off Purdue is going to win the Big Ten. I said it was a mortal lock a month ago. I'm staying on that as we talk this morning. You're standings read, Purdue, 12 and four. One game behind your northwestern wildcats attendant 5, it's incredible. And then behind that, we have an absolute log jam with Maryland, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan state all with 6 losses. Rutgers in Michigan, one game behind there. Don't think northwestern's gonna catch Purdue in order to share the Big Ten title. Northwestern still has three of its final four on the road included in that is a home game against Iowa. They've been playing well. So those are my thoughts on pretty. I do want to talk Marilyn, but any rebound of what I said, do you want to dispute? Do you want to agree? Do you want to vehemently disagree with my stance that remains unchanged on Matt painter's team? I'm less confident in Purdue today than I was, say, two weeks ago, but I do still believe the boilermakers are going to win the Big Ten, and I still do things that Edie is going to be the national player of the year. And I still do believe that Purdue is capable of, yeah, going to a final four for the first time since 1980. And also winning the national championship, but they have come back to earth a little bit. And let me ask you this because you mentioned two things there. The guard play has fallen off a little bit. Particularly with Fletcher lawyer, who was just not shooting the ball well at all. In these past three lawsuits. And Zach Edie, who is still amazing, but not as amazing as he was for much of the season. Are those two things connected? Maybe a little bit. I think they certainly could be. I think a big reason why Purdue is done what it has done or not done what it's done is teams are effectively doubling Edie. I think Edie a little bit. I'm not saying he's in his own head, but a lot of this was coming on when I sat down and interviewed him less than a month ago. He is capable of handling this, but as it was as he said in my feature on him, it was starting to feel surreal that this was actually all kind of happening. And so maybe there was some internalization there and he's just going to get through this bumpy patch and then we'll look up in a couple of weeks and, you know, I wouldn't surprise me if you just got a couple more 34 and 20 games in them. It just wouldn't. With freshman guards, I just think this is inevitable. Like they've never played this level of competition, particularly because they weren't 5 star players. Now Braden Smith has moments. He's unafraid and I still think they've got a lot of big moments to come. But yeah, I think there is something to that, but I will add, and I know that you'll agree. I know that painter hasn't made a final four yet. And I'll have something. I talked with him about it when I went out to Purdue. I'll have a story about that kind of stuff. Sometime either later in February and March. But there are a few coaches better I think equipped mentally to handle this kind of stuff. I just don't think that that locker room is out of sorts whatsoever, and I don't think that Purdue is teetering on a cliff. I just don't. If anything, you know, in the past week I've heard more and more either written or talked about television shows podcasts about this is this really is the new normal in college hoops. We don't have dynastic powers year over year. And there's something to that. I get that and maybe what Purdue hasn't been able to do is reflective of that. The loss, by the way, with Bama this week tied the record all time with 8 losses by a number one ranked team in a season. If we have Houston will probably be number one on Monday and a few soon ever takes another loss before we get to the postseason, we'll have a new record. So there is something to that. But I'm not, I'm not concerned about Purdue as a national championship contender, despite the fact that this lost three of the four, again, they're all tournament level teams, and if you watch the games, I give as much credit to actually how Chris Collins and Woodson and how I mean really Kevin Willard did a wonderful job and he even said I knew we were going to win this game. It's easy to say that and press her after GP after you've actually done it. But I believe him if you would have gone to him 5 hours before the tip that he would have had a high degree of confidence, they're going to pull it off and credit to him. They did.

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