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One seven two four three eldorado sweat larry know what's on your mind larry what the heck i gotta go kirkman shopping and watch people trying to fight me up to impeach trump now walmart which the whole tree corporate neutral or something i met the highland california walmart there they got a whole canopy here set up him of blue area flicked supposed to be no parking for disabled that denmark mark brian and restore says they can't do anything about it by neither one eighty ninety one 74 three hashtag trump derangement syndrome here's the season tips trump impeachment syndrome now the river election surprise me stabbed in elites in both parties and immediately to well in many of those very same elites have been busy trying to thwart the agenda that we voted for what the agenda we voted for tax cuts regulatory relief healthcare really make sure that we get it that's where aimone million members come in and they demand that our elected officials do in dc as they promised so joined the million plus members of aimak make sure your voice is heard in dc eight mackus or call aaa two six to two thousand six eight amacus aaa two six to two thousand six later on the program i talk to a fire official about these fires we going on here in southern california you know the getty museum j paul getty museum beer extent of our collection off the four or five freeway apparently they are saying the officials at the museum were saying that the getty museum is quote the safest place close called for art if fires threaten the building apparently is designed to be the best place to keep an art collection according to official there grimmie talking to from fire official a fire official later on the program about the fires go online southern california what starting them are they more frequent is it because of climate change cripple eight nine seven one s a g eight triple eight nine one seven to four three and jim jordan ohio member of the house had a very interesting exchange with the new head of the fbi about this peter struck one that apparently was text messaging very negative things about.

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