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Webs day she'll be hearing webs world wonder if he's going to comment on this thing anyway we'll find out but right now at ten minutes after eight we're going to find out how things are shaking out there and traffic still pretty well k. long except for i think it was i to seventy five now we've got we got some big problems shack there's some accidents causing some big Traffic problems around the bay area now because otherwise you wouldn't have anything. let me tell you i'm from plenty busy today from the florida central credit union traffic center we do have one crash on the courtney campbell causeway that's headed westbound direction toward clearwater it's after the big bridge the left lanes blocked eastbound also very slow here coming into tampa we do have a crash in the cleanup stages that's on i four eastbound in davenport in polk county is still causing big delays between old road and u. s. twenty-seven and do for an accident on u._s. rayo one in hillsborough county this was northbound at causeway boulevard and in sarasota serious crash involving an overturned truck there's debris all over the road it's closed down u._s. real one northbound at forty seventh street all lanes are blocked here this one is a mess this report is sponsored by discover go further than ever with the discovery miles card they automatically matched the miles you earn at the end of your first year so you're thirty five thousand miles could become seventy thousand miles limitations apply discover match for new card members only learn more at discover dot com slash travel next traffic update at eight twenty k. long radio w._f._l. see traffic problems call the injury firm of abraham in in utah rick traffic tip.

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