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Especially if he does, you know move up that linebacker position like we were just discussing about in the last segment that if if you were to move up considering that you're looking at. You know, the first two games is coming up next year middle Tennessee State and an army two teams that I you know army obviously a huge rushing teams. He need to find someone that can contain that triple option attack that that army has been so good with you know, for for the past few years middle, Tennessee State. I think has been a pretty decent running team as well. But I think you're looking at a guy that should be able to contain the run if he moves up a guy that can contain the pass because it's going to essentially it's going to be him. That's going to be holding down that corner position. I don't know who take over the over David long spot, and I would say that at number three would probably be shaped Patterson. And I think the big thing he does need to work on coming into next year is is his arm. Well. Yeah. I don't I don't think generally speaking if you either guided or you don't when it comes to arm strength. I don't think he improves that that's significantly. But as we said yesterday, I'm lucky when you throw the ball more than thirty five forty yards. I it's not it's not like guys that have these huge arms are so significantly more accurate. They just got bigger arms. But your accuracy goes way down. Once you start throwing the ball that far the Trevor Lawrence is the world are the freak exceptions that doesn't happen. Very often. I mean, even look at two on the game the first long throw he had was perfect think he had like three or four more deep throws after that you completed one. But a lot of them were off target. That's just the way that it goes in in in in college, football and football. So I'm a little bit different than you guys. My number one is Donald people's Jones. Yeah, that's fair. I think when you look at it, and I love the exact you kept on qualifying. If you forget, the Florida and Ohio State games. But if you don't. I know I know. But if you don't forget those games, though him in Nico Collins in my opinion, still play like whites out in those games. Like, they didn't have an off day. Like so many of their teammates. Did you go and look at the the Florida game and both made terrific catches Dhamma people's Jones. I think you're flat out and say who is your number one playmaker on this team. It's Donovan people's Jones, whether you whether it's returning punts like we saw him have a return for a touchdown this year or it's getting the ball to him downfield. It's getting the ball to him on a your out where he can turn up field. He make something happen when he gets the ball. He's he's shown to have really good hands. He's not quite maybe as physical as as Nico is. But I would like to see him get the ball more on end arounds or jet. Sweeps him. He touched the ball three times on jet sweeps. This year. Jay Haas on the year that he was really good at it. Got it like twelve times teams have kind of snuffed out those they have they have. But but a lot big reason that they've snuffed him out for Michigan this past year was because they put guys in the field that weren't your weren't. Like, a typical why it was Ronnie bell would come in. And yeah, it was amber Thomas. You know, they were using guys that weren't. Traditionally if done the pills Jones on the fuel all the time and he's constantly running behind the quarterback. You can't just plan that he's getting a jet. Sweep also I did not say if I said forget, I didn't mean forget, but he my my point was with very hill. And Josh from tell us they struggled in the last two games. It's relevant. But also the very good football players. So then good seasons. My number two is Nico Collins. Again, I think that you look. Devin too, much, man. I know. But I think when you look at he didn't have he had like the longest reach stretch this year without a drop in across college football, most receptions, I believe drought. Okay. Yeah. He was was it thirty eight to fifty two. And those aren't we those targets those are not fourteen drops. It was just fourteen times. Where there wasn't like we just said he didn't have a drought. I know like the most ideal pass or he just couldn't come. It wasn't like forty reasons he didn't get the job done. He makes big plays. He's their best deep threat. We saw against Michigan state him go up and catch that one in the back of the end zone. I think he is ready to be a breakout player even more so than he was this past year. My number three is shaping. I don't have three plaque in my top time. Patterson a lot of people down on the Florida game. I think we forget how many plays he made on a scramble outside the pocket. How good he was. I honestly when you look at especially November. I think the coach is putting the reins on shape. Patterson was our class. Oh mistake. And they they really did not let him earlier in the season was more. Like they allowed him to be shaped Patterson later on the season. It was more. Like they were trying to keep him. You do the things that we want you to do to be successful. You gotta let shape Patterson. He's starting quarterback next year. You gotta let him be shaped Patterson, which is probably thirty or forty percent of his throws are outside of the pocket because he's so good. Whether he's rolling right or rolling to the left, then after that, I've got three defensive guys'll avert hill. Josh Mattel and click Hudson. But will certainly be a fun debate to have forward here. I think Donovan. It just depends on what day I could. I could put him in the top three. I think no offense lineman for you and your top ten it's hard to distinguish which one. And I'll say this too. Is that Jon Runyan junior was an all big ten first team performer, and there were some bad mistakes against Florida. Yeah. That for guy to be all big time all big time. I mean early on in the game. They take a sack, and you know, we watch the film yesterday in Damon's like how is a guy who's a fourth year player a full starter. And a guy that's all conference. Make that mistake in week thirteen. Yeah. I that happened too much yet. I don't know if you noticed I kind of said first team all big ten is if it was like, maybe maybe not a not a unanimous decision. I was a little surprised that he got the ninety. I think he had a really good middle chunk of the season. I don't know if he was one of the five best offensive lineman in the big ten agree. Yeah. Aren't we come back? We'll finish up. Our final six on six. Hot on sports talk. Ten fifty.

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