CBS, Joe Mccain, President Trump discussed on Jay Talking


Dozen major wild virus continued to burn and destroy. Her. CBS's Jonathan Vaguely Adi California's fire season, Already seven times larger than normal, two million acres have already burned to put that in perspective, That's more than 10 times the size of New York City. The state also suffering unrelenting heat 100 degrees in downtown San Francisco on Sunday and in Woodland Hills 121 degrees the hottest temperature ever recorded in Los Angeles County. Can you trust a covert 19 vaccine that became a campaign issue on Monday? Here's CBS's Toki. Pamela Harris said Sunday that she wouldn't just trust President Trump's word on a vaccine. I will not take his word for it. He wants us to inject bleach at the White House. The president said his opponent's should apologize for raising doubts about a vaccine that it's so dangers for a country what they say about a new CBS News battleground tracker poll finds skepticism about a vaccine is on the rise hundreds of students at the University of Kansas on Monday Chose not to attend classes as part of the K you Labor Day student strike this student part of the group. We believe this was irresponsible because within just the first few weeks we've already had 546 positive tests, and we believe that number is definitely going to go up. Officials are investigating another death at Fort Hood, Texas, Here's CBS's Jim Chris Sula 25 year old private coral 10. She died last week, several days after collapsing following a physical training exercise. He was the 28th Fort Hood soldier to die. This year. A Pittsburgh man Joe McCain has started a multiday demonstration to speak out about social justice issues. Reporter Chris Hoffman of Katy K. A TV for 10 hours a day for the next eight days, McCain will be at this platform along the Allegheny River Can't stand are for like one day for three hours and expect people to take you serious. So you had to sacrifice just like Mother Teresa's sacrifice. Like Martin Luther King sacrificed, McCain says he is standing for unity, love, peace, understanding, healing and positive change. A Saudi court has handed down sentences for the men found guilty in the murder of journalist Jamal Kasogi here. CBS's Vicki Barker. The eight defendants, who have never been named, got between seven and 20 years for the grisly murder and believed dismemberment of Jamal Kashiwagi..

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