California, Sarah Mccamman, President Trump discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


Plus protests in sacramento california are ongoing after the police shooting of stephan clark will check in on the west coast unrest along the border fence of the gaza strip yesterday left fifteen palestinians dead and hundreds injured according to palestinian health officials some are calling it the bloodiest day in gaza since the twenty fourteen cross border war between israel and hamas and nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai is back in pakistan for the first time since two thousand twelve it's saturday march thirty first i'm shumita basu and this is weekend edition on wnyc live from npr news in washington i'm trials snyder in sacramento california hundreds of demonstrators marching in downtown sacramento again last night over the police killing of stephan clark the protest was the latest in a series since flirt shooting it came hours after a pathologist higher by clarks families said clark suffered several gunshot wounds to the back another rally as planned in the city later this morning students at howard university in washington dc have entered the third day of a campus sit in patrick madden a member station w a amu reports that the protests follow word that several howard employees were recently fired for misappropriating financial aid money for more than twenty four hours students have occupied the administration building on campus they created a list of demands that they've posted to the outside of the building they include the resignation of howard president wayne frederick better living conditions on campus and more financial transparency juan dimitrius is one of the organizers of the protest the biggest issue that we face is that we have no power to determine the destiny of our university we pay forty thousand dollars plus to go here so we should have some say in the orientation and direction of our institution in a statement posted online howard president frederick responded to some of the demands raised by protesters but gave no indication he intends to resign for npr news in washington i'm patrick madden a federal judge in the nation's capital says the trump administration cannot block undocumented young women from obtaining abortions impure sarah mccamman reports a class action case involves undocumented minors under the control of the the.

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