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Gotta be honest with you, Mike. Some nothing but honest. After all the news the last couple of days as the screws seemed to be tightening onto Shawn Watson in Houston. I am actually very, very calm about the future and where he gets traded. All right today, their president resigned as their continued to make over the front office and one of the long time insiders. John McClane with the Houston Chronicle said that listen If to Shawn Watson gets traded anywhere, he's going to the Jets. I These are the big day thereafter as Houston is getting rid of their front office guys and hiring new head coaches and telling everybody, we're not trading to Shawn Watson. And here's John McClane saying, Listen, it's the Jets. That's where he's going. I am actually very calm and not panicking. Because I This is where the Jets can play the long game because as quarterback start coming off the board and it's going to be went to will be traded. Next is going to be Sam. Darnell's right. That's the It's like everybody's up in a in a chute, right, like here's When's he's gonna get trade. Who's up next? All right, and there, Sam Donald, as long as the Jets make a decision on what to do with Donald Then they can play this out forever, because in the end, there's only going to be two teams that are going to try to trade for dish on Watson, the Jets and the Dolphins because they're the only teams that can send quarterbacks back. Or give them enough draft capital. That's going to make them trade because they're gonna have to trade Watson at some point, right? So I'm I am very calm with that. They may not realize it yet, but they will. And the longer time goes on, the worse the deal gets for them. They can sit here and say all we want to first two seconds and two players. That's great. If you want to trade him now, you could get that if you want to wait till the draft or after the draft when everybody's quarterbacked up. Guess what? You're not getting that you're not especially when you are taking your suitors down from six or seven or eight, down to two. It's not gonna happen s so that you don't get that. Because, tell me you wouldn't look at Trevor Laurence and all the potential versus what to Shawn Watson is and say, Wait. We can package Lawrence and what t bring to Sean in? Yeah, I think Urban Meyer still gonna pick the guy who is already on his path. Towards a great NFL career as opposed to the lottery ticket, so I don't think it necessarily stops it. It makes it a little harder, but I don't think it ends the pursuit by other teams. Just cause you wanted to make it all about the Jets. Yeah, No, look, it's way Do I think they're gonna get less traffic snow, They'll get the draft picks. They will get the players. That's what's gonna cut back is that we're not giving your players you take the draft picks because that's what's worthwhile. That's they're gonna wind up getting But if if you want to wait if you because both these teams both the Jets in the Dolphins are the only ones that have a quarterback that can go back. They can also stick with their guy if they want to. I wouldn't be crazy of it. But The Dolphins have already said Hey, to was our guy. Now It's tough to go back on that now, but you can easily sell. Well, We didn't know we're gonna have to show him, Watson. So really, there's only two suitors for Watson when it comes down to it, Jetson, the Dolphins and clearly number one I'm already, you know. Accepted that the Jets are gonna somehow blow it. But just in case something happens, and they don't They're doing the right thing as long as they decide, or we keeping Sam Donald or not, And if they trade him, if they have someone offers a first round pick, they're gonna have to trade him right that you can't say no to a first round pick for me, especially when if you don't get to Shawn Watson. Well, then we take a quarterback at number two. You know, that's where that's where it's going to be that that's that's the whole thing with the Jets when so this is going to this is going to reveal itself after Carson Wentz and after Sam Donald goes on the block, but this can play out for all I am not. I'm not panicked at all. I am incredibly calm about this. I am all good looking. If if it happens, it's gonna happen and it's not like I gotta worry about mystery teams getting involved. The Jets can play the long game. I am not panicked. I'm not nervous. I'm not anxious. I am all good about it right now. I'm also setting myself up for failure. But I'm all good right now. I promise you There's always the potential for another mystery team. Don't you know this isn't at the great thing of reporting Street team? Didn't we hear that in Vegas? Did we hear that filly? There's gonna be a mystery teeth. Same thing for to Shawn Watson, which look, it's been quiet and remember, we've never actually heard from him directly. Couple social media posts. No point if we got in that giant missive or dis track that everybody's been so eagerly anticipating much to your chagrin, I know but the more they fire people, Maybe they're just figuring if they keep hitting the reject button. Eventually, they pressed the right one that says, OK, I'll stay now. Yeah, that's not gonna happen That time. If you're still at the point where you are at odds with Watson, and you're firing people that he likes the equipment manager, they got rid of that Both he and J. J Watt love. He's not suddenly going to come back to you. I'm telling come back, I'll tell you Look, I'll be the guy telling you OK, Houston Texans, You're gonna realize that at some point and then you're going to say Oh, we should have realized this a while ago. And Texans fans want to bang their heads against the wall going take knew this was gonna happen. Trust me, Twitter. And how about a Fresca? Mike? It's swollen dome coming up next. Speaking of banging your head against the wall, Tom Brady might have done that today. This is Fox Sports Radio..

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