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Gonna touch it on the dy subject. Go ahead, sir. There's a local assistant principal in Pasco County who got popped over the weekend for wrecking his car in Lakeland, do you I, but he had just gotten arrested for refusing to blow back in October. Yeah, I heard about that. And I kind of do you Why are you back in my day? You know, right here in Florida. And I've never I don't think anybody touch on it Really. It was the first refusal blow. Is nothing, maybe even get off if you have a good lawyer. Figure reviews of the blow. They charge you with first degree misdemeanor. And that puts a lot of people in a spot where the maximum sentence for that is a year in county jail. They sort of break you into. Trying to admit to it by the lawyer. That told me that Doug pry up that was county. He's like the guys. You coming and going on your second to you. Why? Because you refusal. Now you've got a refusal, which is a first degree misdemeanor and you've got a deal. Why, with second degree Oh, and he pretty much said that. You know, they want you admit to the deal I or they're going to talk to the refusal on then you're pretty much good. Thanks, man. Appreciate the insight to grovel Live, Go ahead. A businessman was cooking for the dough Are we doing to the guys? Man? How's everything? Scooby Poopy do Ben. I got your message, Ben. Thank you. Oh, yeah. A gentleman. I'm calling on the first day. I'm sorry for what happened to you, and especially that it's Ah Ah, week before Christmas. Did you think you lost it? All? I, um You have headphones. Also in your bag when they took? Yeah. Couple of couple pairs actually sucks. What was that? What was that phone that you lost another brain? I don't I don't really feel comfortable. I don't know what you're getting at, But I'll be okay, man. I'll find a way your way. Want to send you a pair of headphones? Man? We we really want to, you know, a week for cause there's always saying Merry Christmas to you. And at least something that Hey, man, you know, we're sorry, bro. You know what happened? What a sweet I'll respond to your message that you see Me and maybe we can do a little negotiation. But I really appreciate that. Thank you, Scooby Poopy do the dumb Dick of the Day Award goes to the contractor out there who hit a water main in the West Chase Citrus Park area. Rendering thousands of households without water. So this is this is this is not the one where people had to boil the water now for a week last week, contractor working on the Citrus Park Roadway Project impacted a water main just after four PM And a lot of area residents in that area. Have no water. Imagine if you're just the guy that does that. You're just that That's my job. I'm digging up some dirt. I'm doing this. I'm doing that. And all of a sudden you've had a water main and an entire area of town no longer has water hoops. Yeah. Rock Friday knows any empty who smashed their car into someone else's. While drunk didn't get anything on the record because she knew everyone who showed up on so, man. I got to say shot out to the same people East Department. I don't have many dealings with police officers. Luckily and they were all so. So nice. Like it just couldn't have been any nicer that the forensics lady came out. She was dusting my car and Testing for Edna. I got swab myself. Can you believe that? You got swat both of us there like we gotta figure out. You know who the good guys in your car are and who the bad guys are. Hopefully, I'm not being put into database, but either way they were so darn nice, and I really, really appreciate it. It's nice when you don't expect to meet law enforcement and then they show up in their great I had that similar experience with Hillsborough County Sheriff's office two years ago and I hated that they had to come out to my house for nothing involving mean Nothing I did or my family did, but they couldn't have been any nicer. Big Philly. Dude, who I kept calling Rocky Balboa. Truth. I'm alive. Hello? Hey, there's John. Hey, John, I'll tell you what. What you begin. Five are no good. Dart gun of get Well we did growing up in Navy. We had never come over. Hey, Mark, roast marshmallows. Older fire. Then we draw almost sticks out his job. Oh, you flaming that night didn't do that's marshmallow abuse, Man. You can't be doing that much that's like neighborhood because you can't get it out of like burns down to the bone You took me to in that old man. Plus you wasted a perfectly good marshmallow. How do you like yours? Perfectly toasted. I'm not one of the good. I'm not one of these guys. You know, I'm not one of these guys that just blights the whole thing on fire and then just eat a burnt ass. That's gross. Yeah, No, I mean, I take I take probably a little more time that necessary. I like to get it just on the outside of the flame, so it's just gently licking my mallow. By the time it's just It's just just ever so bronze. Yeah, okay. We're of the same thing like a dark brown. I mean, I mean, if you gave me a spectrum, I'd say a lighter shade of brown. Yeah, same page. Yeah. I don't trust the people who like the whole thing on fire. Let it burn down to charcoal and then eat that. Like, what is wrong with your life? No loose. I mean, it's I mean, if you care anything about flavor, or what tastes good. I gotta just because when you get it just perfectly kids, Then you still get a little crust on the outside of it, But then when you when you bite into it, it's just it's gooey explosion, especially in a s'more. You gotta live alone with some Coke. A fun fact never comes to call for like 10 and under, But the teenagers are actually using this as a verb. Meaning like, Hey, they nursed that thing. Meaning they made it soft a minute weaker. Oh, so like that, also the new version of the new version of Grand Theft Auto. They nursed it like they made it too soft. Is we like the new daisy BB gun doesn't shoot for Per second anymore. The only shoes 200 ft per second now they nerved it. Oh, wow. Yeah, Nerve Urban dictionary to weaken or make less dangerous taken from the nerve brand,.

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