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To see now here's larry elder larry great show i love you my friend i'm so glad you're a book tied under read them man that south fatal guy you know like uh the tshirt live on komo piece eight liberal in my experience liberals do not have the courage to jamayan the military killed to avoid the guilt and the shame of watching others stand up for a caused in stand up for morality in a higher down there is a mock and put down those who takes the stand like that including levy this country it mock patriots because it means something you up to stand up and degrade could also be joined the military you have the chance for good killed for upon those enjoying have a reason for joining a larry out there usually up to have much higher standing morale and you've based on a lot and religious morale's so anyway that's what it is both with route 13 my opinion cowards larry book that he all the time body beloved so much listen to your show seven days a week no joe and i just wanted to tell ya in louisville kentucky eight squad car was stolen out of a driveway in a very nice area of town and it was found later at another location and thank god police cars have cameras on the inside said turned on when the car because we might actually know who stole this police cars so please whatever you do dull poked home is on the inside there are so cheap and effective we can't have that don't latenight sitting on sat took latenight said one 74 three by the way the daughter of mlk says that the family had nothing to do with granting ram trucks the right to use that speech please please they've got an intellectual property a company that manages all of his speeches and they gave the state the right to do it and um so the king family are this is state any way got money what they do with that money is another issue but they certainly were paid by by dodge now i ask you on friday who do you want to win the super bowl what percentage of the people said new england patriots mitch mcconnell.

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