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So I I The Lord, just let me to to to put it in a book form, and then later put it in a study guide form as well. So that's how it began and so Again, you know dealing with our theology, which is understanding of God out crystal. Jay, which is understanding of Christ on numerology is understanding of the Holy Spirit Fundamental Doctors of word of God, what we believe why we believe who we. Believe what we believe and why we believe men and Grizzlies don't don't have the foundation and so the unshakable God brought drop them my spirit from the parable of in Matthew Chapter Seven in the parable, not a pair of the sermon on the Mount. We call it Matthew Chapter Five through Chapter Seven. But in the closing of chapter seventy, seven talks about a wise builder and the food is building. The wise man is one who hears the word and applies the word needs going to be my command that built the foundation laid the foundation and when the rains came the floods came the winds blew it beat against the house, but it didn't shake it. Because it was grounded on the rock but the man with the foolish buildup heard the word but didn't apply the principles and so the whole premise of that Christians. We've gotta have unshakable faith and Serlin. These pandemic time If al Fayed is grounded in cries. We're hearing so many different religions of melting pots of a ideologies and worldviews that people as Chris need to know what they believe. That's the whole premise of that that unshakable, but it applies to every area of our of our. And that's that's right because we need that I. Think. A, lot of times many. Go to church. They hear. Sermon. A year maybe a lesson be taught the practical application and how you how you how you less it out. I'll walk the journey. Yeah and a lot of times we were defeated because we don't know how to walk journey and we don't know how to tackle. Those those those those things that come at us and the high personally I like that I, on shake, buffet. Pizza. As. Well, than deal with doctor but deals with equal loan how you you get to this journey, the trials and tribulations I, am not allow the enemy on anyone else shake faith. Strong in the law and know that that that..

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