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Deanna benefit the local fighter. Out of san jose. This is a big night for her. She was fighting for the memory of her father who was a police in the bay area and she was carrying his badge he told the story of or she told the story of him. Working that That arena back in the day when cyborg There and him telling her. I think one day you could. You could do that and so he never got to see your fight in that arena. He recently passed away but she went up against a tough customer. A customer in alhambra lara. She nice head. Kicks some nice body kicks but deanna bennett out. Toughter and one Probably the biggest fight over career and in the arena was rocking and rolling floor. Sometimes a star Just seemed line for you. And i'm not sure. If they fought ten times the fights would go that way every single time. But the snyder did. And that's what mattered. It was a touching story that you're gonna remember. You'll remember the next time she goes into the cage. Yeah her holding the badge man. Now's pretty special In obviously a shoutout always to the men and women in blue I feel like a lot of you. Guys get lumped into the group that you know that might be called bad apples and i know that that's definitely a a huge minority So many of the law enforcement in our country just get up and do a great job protecting mansa shoutouts all them. Did you see list garments by the way if i can pivot for a second. He was done some sort of a poster. I think it was like a recruiting poster for las vegas metro. I thought it looked pretty cool for them. The featuring him you know he's in shape began smile on his face and people had some nice comments. I saw it on social media. I don't know if you saw it. I thought about That's what it was. I una look like they were doing. A recruit recruiting in southern california. Letting people know. Look if you wanna be re Lease officer in law enforcement in las vegas we. They're expanding the city's growing so they're probably looking to add but they they use the space so usually we see them. On fight. Posters analysis recruiting for law enforcement so shout out to ulysses gomez every talked to remember now again. Yeah yeah we we. We need to have another breakfast over at the big oil. We went to the black bear. Diner wants them all right back to these belts or fights bell towards to sixty six at in san jose what the arena sap center with combing event with neiman gracie. And mark lemon goes times. If you're asked the gracie you got hands or what i mean maybe not directly but we're kind of wondering everybody's wondering 'cause we know they're on the ground but we're always wondering do you got ants are not get. Can you throw kick me and many graces of yeah working on it. I'm working on it. And of course they usually wind up this chocolate. Someone out and moving on Families super super successful but neiman gracie was playing around. He actually showed some hansie ploy mark. Lemon jer basically like a standing. Tko referee jason hers. Army had to get in the way but Racy went nuts man. He was young. Paul hawk like with christian copper heart Old school tag radio junkie. Radio caller used a dapple. Hotta or something like that right. I kept hearing him yell that well. It was really. It was the uppercut i think is what the damage the first one and then he was able to land some other shots anything at again and i think that's what kind of finish the dude off. But but yeah. I mean that that's kind of the perfect situation. You would want agreement gracie. He was able to tie them up. Get them up against the cage but he used a striking versus grappling to get him down me saw happy that he was getting that reaction and it was kind of cool to see like his teammates. Marvin batori sans really nice. Things watching the fight as well and then a to see his coaches and see his his uncle uncle enzo and master file. Cordeiro do definitely puts his time so to see him get. That type of result was really really cool. But here's the thing man not not to be a stormy cloud or anything like that but he needs a big win. I don't know that this is a a huge name to get a win. over now. granted he did dispatch of them right. That's what you do but You wanna see neiman. Take that next step. So hopefully whoever is next for him you know. He had a little call out at the end of the fight. Hopefully of all that comes true of we can keep doing this. He shouted out three names one of them. He wants to run it back. Jason jackson Henry hosts jim jackson put an l. on him recently he also called out. Mvp nothing wrong with that. You know i think. Mvp is a little closer to a title shot than he is. The looking down a few spots at someone like neiman gracie no disrespect But then he also said well if not any of them than your vomit off the champion at you know. Just defeated douglas. Lima how 'bout you so take your chance. Put throw it out there in the existence and see what happens. The there's three names for for a twitter. Throw out there and see if any of them respond. We'll see one of their deeper divisions over a bell tower. They just had a grand prix. They have a new champion. They have some studs. Lost a couple know roy mcdonald will dover to. Pf fell paul. Daley feel like it's always going to be his last fight but there's some talent there Let's see one of those comes through form. But that's how you get it. Done a nice call out and a nice finish especially for a gracie that can strike. You don't see those very often. Sure all right. we're at the main event. You'll romero versus phil davis and it was funny. Because i think i had said watch out this. This fight could be very slow. Phil davis methodical. He likes to kick box. He doesn't russell too often.

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