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Aidan O'Brien ruins fourth and fifth with magic wand into Thenia sister, Charlie again, she's just rock-solid. She shows up and runs her race more often than not I was slightly concerned about the distance. And how would she handle that? I thought she was better. Or let's say at our absolute best going slightly shorter distance may be in that mile and three sixteenths mile and a quarter Rangers opposed to a mile and three eighths didn't seem to faze. She comes home in twelve oh three over testing ground though. This is a big league effort wild allusion considering the antics that she had prior to the race where she was very reluctant to load into the gate. She stood around. They had spinner try to put the blindfold on that all sorts of different things. She just did not want to go into the gate, and it was probably about a three minute delay. Maybe five minutes, I'm trying to remember. But. The fact that she ran as well as she did. I think just speaks volumes about our abilities. You just a little bit of a little bit of a nut out there. She's three year old Phillies. Well, so if they do decide to bring her back as a four year old you've got to assume she's going to take another step forward. Look, she's already serious serious racehorse. As is if she does take a step forward. She going to be a handful next year a four year old you can say the same for the two O'Brien horses that run fourth and fifth magic wand and the three year olds they come back next year the ticket step forward four year olds. There's no reason to think that they can't be big players in big races. All over the all over the world. Excuse me. A raving beauty. This is a very courageous effort from her all things considered over this sort of ground at this distance. Which is certainly too far for two only lose by about a length as it was great ride from Javier Castellano put right on the front. You see the fractions twenty-six in one fifty one in four eighteen into for three quarters. Nobody wanted to go to have your said, we're going to go on and we're going to back this thing way down and over testing ground. It's difficult to quicken and get that thing going though, this was a really. Nice effort from her she's better suited at the more middle distances the mile two mile and a sixteenth mile and an eighth I think is the absolute limit. But I think that is pushing for as far as if you want a top level effort out of her. I don't think going much more than a mile on an eight is ideal is still a big league effort out of her. As far as the rest of the field is concerned poor effort from four crow that killed me. She was down on the inside I maintain. I don't think inside is where you wanted to be zero coming and she took considerable money to me. I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that she had pretty solid form over testing ground in Europe, and perhaps that would translate brutal post breaking from the far outside. She ran fine. Paved got jacked up pretty good going into the first of the three bends believe she came out of that was couple of Nixon cuts. She's going to go back, California. They'll regroup and get her ready to go, you know, at her best. She's a nice Philly. I think she's probably better suited. For those firmer courses out in southern California's opposed to the ones here in the on the east..

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