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We can make roofing 5 18 traffic and weather on the back to Dave Dill, Dine in the nobody T o p Traffic center. It's been a busy day on the area highways. A lot of folks are traveling today, various modes of transportation. We have vacationers. We got commuters, and we got everything in between deliveries being made. There's just a lot of travel happening in various directions. Um, too many volumes specific instances of volume delays to me. Mentioned so as far as incidents go eastbound freeway traffic is still very slow through the districts. But the investigation CNN to 95 between the 11th Street Bridge in Suitland Parkway, concluding, and I think, most, if not all the travel lanes. Are open, but that one was in play for a while, and traffic is still backed up into Virginia on 3 95 north, a lot of work around across the mall and along them all on Constitution and independents. Avenues got a lot of calls about Canal Road, Arizona Avenue chain Bridge could be a traffic signal issue. But really the bottom line is sisters for a lot of traffic out there today. So any little thing any little thing that may otherwise go undiscovered will be more apparent. Because there'll be more impact, and that's what happens when it's busy. Traffic slows down. There's only limited capacity on the area. Highways crashes in Virginia, including 66. He's found your 1 23 on the left 95 North Fairfax County Parkway on the right. Obviously, it's gonna be slow at this time of year. South 95 at Fredericksburg Business volume. Lot of it 50 toward the Bay Bridge. Eastbound traffic is slow from parole to get to the Bay Bridge, and they actually discontinued to a traffic to favor westbound drivers on the westbound span of the Bay Bridge, and they flushed West founders off the Bay Bridge, and now all the traffic is searched into Annapolis toward I 97 north of town, Baltimore Washington Parkway, 95 to 70 reports of crashes, thankfully, the most recent in Maryland of the Beltway. Interleukin Georgia in Olympic Greenbelt Metro. Those were successfully cleared out of the way serious crash in Prince George's County. The investigation closes Ritchie Road south of Central Avenue. Cox Business Cloud Solutions offers a suite of cloud services to help get the most of your it. Environment. Learn more cox business dot com slash cloud Dave Golden w T o P. Traffic So Amelia, This is probably the best day meaning will start going to get some humidity into the mix here humidity and he do start to build Hillary as We look to the long.

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