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Do that and just up their bid to seventy point three billion dollars in a deal that would include fox film and tv studios some cable networks and international assets but not fox news channel or the fox television network disney had made a fifty two and a half billion dollars all stock offer in december i'm scott carr as investors set aside fears about a us trade war with china for the moment the dow is up fifty six points i'm john trout from your breaking news station i'm judith jenkins along with ed hartley at the new mexico honda dealers news desk new mexico's to democratic us senators are headed to the southern border with mexico this friday tom udall and martin heinrich both oppose the trump administration's no tolerance policy that separates immigrant kids from their families if their parents are detained while trying to cross the border into the us with them they will visit a the two senators will visit a temporary detention facility for kids in tornado texas they're also scheduled to then visit las cruces in a border crossing at el paso udal and heinrich both support a bill that bans family separations near the border unless the kids are known to have been abused or neglected new mexico attorney general dareus is leading twentyone other agee's nationwide against the trump administration's zero tolerance policy at the border they're demanding that the policy be ended a letter has been sent to the homeland security secretary and attorney general sessions in which the say separating kids from parents is inhumane and draconian and balderas says the justice department has acknowledged its legal and moral obligations with this issue three jail escapees from the curry county jail are back in custody inmates ricky center aaron clark and victor up alaska got away from the jail last week but curry county sheriff's deputies gotta tip on their whereabouts led them to an apartment in clovis on dartmouth the deputies tried to negotiate the trio out of the apartment but someone fired shots from inside the unit and deputies did fire back clark senate and daca finally did surrender they were arrested and another man thirty eight year old john houseman was also arrested and charged with harboring and aiding a felon there's been a good year for oil and gas lease revenue in new mexico in fact state land commissioner aubrey dunn says the nearly one hundred seven million dollars brought in this fiscal year is a record the previous high was one hundred and two million dollars in two thousand twelve done says this year about seventy five thousand acres was sold at an average acre cost of fourteen hundred dollars coming up in one minute they're easing fire restrictions now in two national forests in new mexico que koa newsradio time is.

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