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Same were the players involved and their personalities and how they on the team and all that stuff are involved a you can just sit there and look at their fit They would have been better off switching. Vince williams and joe schubert because joe chauve is a better fit in my opinion to be next to devin bush whereas what they wanted was more of a vince williams next two miles jack. So that gives you an idea. Why joe schubert is a great pickup for the dealers but also not the biggest loss for the jaguars because he didn't fit what they needed. So who is joe. Show over whether let's let's take a look at it real quick right Job has played a lot. He's been to a pro bowl and he's good across the board. There's not a lot of weaknesses when you look at his physical profile right when you look at his size his speed agility if you go back to the combine and look at those numbers. He's remarkably similar to roberts fillet. He's the same height they're roughly the same speed agility He's he was bigger. Then spelane coming out. When roberts plane came out of college he basically really needed hit an nfl weight room. And he'd right. So the difference. Between shelbert and roberts d'alene physically and their athleticism is very small schober. It's a bit heavier on his frame. Still i believe now than than Robert spelane is and that helps him in the run defense when you look at his film and you look at his stats. He reminds me of robert splaine. Just a little stouter against the run partly because he's a little bigger right if you look at their coverage stacks even if you look at their coverage stats from last season okay. Schober played a lot more then. Spelane did He was on the field for five hundred coverage snaps. Okay all this just just a disclaimer. All of these all these stats come from sports info info solutions Through their data hub tool. It's a free tool on the web. You can look that up but Joe show was on the field for five hundred coverage snaps where he wasn't rushing right where he was in coverage he was talking to forty. Two times gave twenty eight completions. Two hundred ninety three yards Came away with three interceptions. And one defended pass roberts blame played significantly less. He was on the field for one hundred. Fifty eight coverage snaps was targeted. Twenty three times gave up ten completions. For one hundred seventy yards had one interception three defended passes. Okay what does that mean. Well we can start with Robbers lane was targeted. Fourteen point six percent of his time on the field. Joe schubert eight point four percent us lane only gave up four point six five yards per target whereas joe shelbert gave up six point. Nine seven They both gave up right around ten yards per completion Splaine just had a much. Lower completion percentage against the shelbert dead. If you combine all of that you look at the non of yards. They gave up per cover. Snap roberts plane is point. Six seven yards cover. Snap joe schober is point. Five nine a little difference not ally there And spelane got two more passes went his way. He had one interception in roughly one third the snaps that joe schober got three but explain defended three other passes whereas joe schubert got to three hundred options and only defended so he both defended four passes. Which means blaine had a much. Higher percentage of targets that went his way that he enter the he. He broke up that he actually defected. Another part of splaine game that is considered one of his best attributes is his blitzing right. He does the. Ceo's call hug blitzing where he's on a linebacker that light or he's where he's a linebacker covering running back in man that running backstays in the block. He transitions into a blitzer. It's also the steelers deal with play action if you watch a play. Action pass and roberts is made up on the running back the minute. It looks like a play act like it looks like iran. He is charging that running back. He's going right for him and when he sees at the play action pass. He's still going for that running back. He's still going and they have to break off into coverage if the runningback changes routes Or if the running back turns to like help block someone else you blitz the quarterback if they turn him block you. Then you're match. You know you try. Beat him in and get in there. But that is how the steelers negate extra blockers when you keep an extra blockers to help block. T. j. watt cameron heyward steph onto it by debris alex smith when when you keep an extra guys to block those guys roberts blamed roberts d'alene rushed on fifteen point one percent of pass coverage of a pass plays. He was in on and he had an impressive. I mean ridiculously impressive. Forty two point nine percent treasury. That's incredible when he did a hug. Litz when he was that guy adding onto the blitz. he got pressure schober last year. rushed around eight percent of past about the past place and had a really good twenty three point three percent pressure rate. That's good splaine's better. So in coverage shelbert is a more proven a more reliable guy. The roberts spelane but if you look at joe schober and you look at roberts fling when he before his injury when he was playing his best. Football of two thousand twenty. You're talking about a very similar player. You're getting a very similar player again. Joe show bert is proven. He's done this year in year out and you may have heard The seals are talking about him wearing the green dot calling the defense. He's that guy that you want calling the defense before like. Oh does that mean devon bush. No it just means. This guy is better at devon bush than that specific skill. call the defense colin adjustment. Seen what the offense is doing. He's better than devon bush at that specific skill and really if he's better than he should do it right. Whoever's the best at it should do it if he's better than bush at that then yeah don't why would you have bush do it. Just because you're like oh bush was are. He's our number one linebacker. Well he's still our number one linebacker. Just joe chauffeur's gonna call the defense.

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