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Students took their own lives this year. The most recent suicide happened last week nine students at northwestern have committed suicide since may of twenty thirteen health officials say there has been another confirmed case and several probable cases of mom set Louis university in southwest suburban Romeo Vail, Joe Felice is the senior vice president for student services at Lewis university. He says the school should be able to recover from the outbreak after this week. Class was last week students are taking final exams this week. And then they'll be they'll be done until we start up again. In January with the spring nineteen term. There are now a total of two confirmed cases and ten probable cases of mumps set Lewis university. Michigan. Governor Rick Snyder is urging outgoing Illinois Governor Bruce rounder to help pay for a project to keep invasive carp out of the Great Lakes. Snyder says Michigan would provide up to eight million dollars to upgrade the Brandon road. Lock and dam near Joliet. Experts say that's a good location to block movement of Asian carp? That have infested the Mississippi and Illinois rivers, no comment yet from rounders office. A former first lady is now a bestselling author. It's safe to say Michelle Obama's memoir is a hip sales of becoming passed the three million Mark following its debut four weeks ago. The first lady's book is among the fastest selling nonfiction books in history and ranks among the best selling memoirs of all time. Because of that MRs Obama's book tour is being extended into twenty nineteen and will include twenty one events next year, six of them. In Europe, the tour will end in may in Nashville pan, Coulter CBS news, a northwestern. Indiana judge has rejected bringing in a special prosecutor for the September shooting that wounded a mandate is nine year old son outside a store. Alex Hughes faces attempted murder and criminal gang activity charges for allegedly shooting the twenty five year old man and his son outside a WalMart in Hobart. His defense. Attorney filed a motion in November seeking a special prosecutor to represent the state after he learned that Lake County prosecutor Bernard Carter sister and brother-in-law were at the store during the shooting a Lake County. Judge rejected that special prosecutor request yesterday the Lake County sheriff's office says are investigating a person of interest in swatting incident that happened yesterday. They say they received a call with a man claiming he was about to shoot his wife in their home. Don cord in Warren township when Felice arrived, they realized they had been hoaxed WBZ news time one twenty four business. News from Bloomberg coming up next holiday. And express wants.

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