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I have because I don't use mine much. I don't either. But dude, let me tell you. I don't know how or why it makes them so well, but they taste like candy you scrub your sweet potatoes. You pop them in the insta- pot for eighteen minutes. And it's the insta- pot is kind of misleading because then you think oh it takes eighteen minutes. But it has to get up to pressure first. And then do the countdown. Yeah. Oh for sure. Right. Right. Right. So right really takes like thirty three five minutes. Right, nonetheless, they come out so good. And so I've been doing that every day, and I'll even do it before the kids come home from school 'cause sweet potatoes are cheap, and they're healthy and the kids like him. Yeah. Totally to amid making those ten, but the thing that. Has put me over the edge. Which is my first two thumbs up, my friend, Cindy called me after listening to one of our podcast last week and said tell me that you have the Phillips soup maker. And I was like well why so Phillips has this? Oh my gosh. I know you're gonna buy it today. I am go over excited. It's this. It's the soup maker where okay you put raw vegetables in it. Okay. It pressure cooks them. And then it pure as them in eighteen minutes. Let why? So here's what I did yesterday. I put an I just I didn't even follow a recipe through carrots in not chopped. Just like maybe I cut it five times. Right. Okay. I threw sweet potatoes in that. I probably cut into fourths. I put in tumor, Mark. I put in sage I o onion. So just half of an onion. Like, you're not shopping here. You can just in. Okay. And then I put almond milk and salt and in twenty minutes, I had the most delicious carrots potato soup, dude. Dude. Mazing? How much is it? It's a hundred bucks..

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