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Station news now really, l music to my Maria leaf and new this hour a security breach at joint base Andrews. The incident is being called a serious breach of security after an adult male was able to gain access on to joint base Andrews and further accessing the flight line and onto a C 40 aircraft. That's part of the 89th airlift wing. That's when security forces on base were able to detain the unarmed man who was also interviewed by the U. S Air Force Office of Special Investigations. The man who has two outstanding warrants was turned over to local authorities. Officials say no one was hurt, and there is no indication of any links to extremist groups. Barbara Britt W M. A. L and W M a l dot com 150 Marylanders becoming the first people today to get the covert vaccine at the state's first mass vaccination site. Six Flags in Prince George's County. Six Flags will eventually vaccinate 6000 people from across Maryland today, but for the next few days, it's only 250 governor Larry Hogan says. Next week, they'll open more mass vaccination sites. The idea eventually is the build An infrastructure that can handle millions of vaccines with thousands of vaccinators all across the state by supply is the number one issue, he says. The feds have promised to ramp up the supply of shots, but didn't say when. He adds. There will be one website to sign up for shots at the mass vaccination sites. Heather Curtis Sandoval, you Emma Allen. W M. A l dot com President Biden signaling support for Congressional Democrats plowing ahead on covert relief without Republican support, President Biden says Americans are looking to their government for help. So I'm going to act. I'm going to act fast President met with top House Democrats and at $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief measure that could get approved using a budget process in a matter of Weeks without Republican support. Remember Republicans or some really fine people want to get something done? But they're just not willing to go. As far as I think we have to go. A group of Senate Republicans proposes a $600 billion measure, they say is more targeted to immediate pandemic needs. Jared Albert Fox News Virginia's House of delegates, voting to abolish the death penalty. The 57 to 41 vote follows the Senate's passage earlier this week, and it makes it all but certain Virginia will become the first southern state to do away with executions. But first there's a major hurdle to clear is a conference committee negotiates the final bill. The House version preserves the ability to punish the most serious crimes with a sentence of life without the possibility of parole. The Senate version leaves that door open. Another major shift in state law could come later today, when both chambers vote on bills to legalize marijuana. That would be another first for a Southern state. John Matthews on W. M A. L and W m a l dot com Just in one Hell every morning you Christopher Plummer, The award winning actor who played Captain von Trapp in the film, The sound of music and an 82 became the oldest Academy aboard acting winner in history, has died. Plumber passing away this morning at his home in Connecticut with his wife, Elaine Taylor bias died..

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