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When we talk about level foreign level five autonomy. I think that's where thinking, even in the earlier cases of autonomy, it's important to have five G., and to have persistent reliable communications, but I think with the complete autonomy. You need a lot more persistent connect to eighty. So, let's take though. connected connected autonomous car if the car knows. That? It's going from point A. TO POINT B.. And it knows that. It's constantly adapting for the optimal route and it's collecting the data from not only It's surroundings, but from the infrastructure. On the weather, information and Everything that? The car needs to know to take the bus and safely from point a to point B. and such kind of persistent connected with will help. Right to not only find the most efficient path so to reduce the carbon footprint so a news start stock moshing up, though videos levels of autonomy and your augmenting the human intelligence to award that ninety five percent the error rate you need that real time power and connect with you with five G. hopes that real time decision making because you have near. Near real time processing of the data I think technology is such a critical enabler across all four of the transplant connectivity. We've already gone from their behalf. Level one connected with just having connector connected with the at the hardware level too now we are moving into much more personalized service. Do you want to use those own native voice functionality in the car? Or do you want to connect your Alexa profile? To the car and use Alexa to wake up your car or better yet, use Alexis embedded code. And name your car. Whatever you want to name it your call your car. Bob Boone say Bob Wake Up, and then it knows that you're trying to activate. On the car. So. That is supposed to is Asian to then moving to convenience i. know where you are. I know the all these sensors that are there on your body and in the car that you're hungry or you have a medical emergency. That I'm sending in the event of a medical emergency. I'm sending an ambulance to you. This with some. Level of information to who are the medical technicians that are coming to us, saying this is what we have collected through the census in the car on the body. Right. And then moved to electrification. Is Not just about the the powertrain in the car, but if you are running charge leading the car to a safe place. So that, you can charge the car. And then shared mobility was possible for Uber or anyone because of technology. Right the technology is playing a central role in almost all of the disruption that we seeing in the automotive industry, and that's why the tech industry taking such a keen interest, because they know how to take data create patterns with the data and provide convenience beaches. Yeah, I've noticed that and I've said this that that cars I think kind of represent the tip. Tip of the spear when it comes to allow the technologies you were specifically alluding to what would you say is the most exciting thing from your perspective with the way digital technology is is integrating into the automotive industry in general I think if you look at today, that are you know? Software is becoming a lot more embedded in the car van before. Today? There are about a hundred million lines of code in the car. And with complete autonomy, which is level four level, five autonomy the car we're talking about three hundred million lines of code, so that means an increase off sensors. Collecting the data. And I. Think for me. The most exciting is when this technology starts making an impact on saving human lives when the technology starts making an impact on avoiding traffic congestion or managing the traffic flow an improving the productivity. That's great insight as well. We'll be right back with more of my conversation with Bonte Giamatti right after the break. You know who you are. A boundary pusher, a big thinker in the relentless pursuit of the next big innovation for your business, t mobile for business knows that the future demands true workforce mobility, and in the new era of five G. being able to assess the needs of your company in real time could transform every day functions the five G. Revolution has begun, and the future of businesses like yours will be powered by advancements in five gene networks built to reach more people in more places without slowing you down, t mobile for business can help you realize the.

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