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Disney what what's it called right now. Robin Cuba's kids. Pick out something. Disney plus that's a very long in the house. Yeah Watching Disney plus with our kids. Yeah let's let's like a placeholder name improve name to come right kids shoes this neoplasm okay. Kids Choose Disney plus. So there you go. That's going to be something. Maybe twenty twenty okay okay And the other idea that we were batting around is do you WanNa Watch the Robin Akiva. Do we WANNA do Robin Akiva. Salva murderer again with Jason Alexander episode seems like people want that. It's not like something that I am clamoring for the Doug do it. Don't do it then. Don't if you're not clamoring only do things are clamoring for now. I mean we have to do the podcast every week for ball. Robbery need for Labor worthy ideas. We clamour or I could like actively disliked the idea android. That's not you know. It's I'm fine with it but would you want to do the the same. We did last time where we sort of freeze and guess what's happening or do you want to just do a straight. We watched episode. We talk about it. That was very time consuming to do it that way. I think we watch it. Okay I agree Yeah from Auburn. wrote in this week's that don't do Robin Cassava murder two. It was released David episode her least favourite Kaelin from Auburn. Yeah I hate her known hater. Well look she has a lot of feedback. She does a lot of feedback. The second person right no comment or just person Caitland Edwin from Auburn known. Hey Hey you mean like a person for a better college. Is that what you're asking. No but okay sorry. Sorry if somebody did what they did. Beat Alabama though if somebody up votes votes that comment then it's different. You can't vote an email. She emailed me. You get the multiple emails about the same thing right. She was the only person on facebook twitter or via. You know if she was a popular episode it wasn't like one of the five or ten best episode. Yeah I mean it's probably I don't know if the top half of the sixty episodes we'll find. That's another thing we have to talk about you. Know what do you WanNa do. After we've had sixty four episodes we've talked a year ago that when we have sixty four episodes putting them on bracket on them in some way. So is there an episode. There I don't think that people if people want to like maybe maybe come up with somebody you could maybe have a a sanction a group to put together a bracket and then have people fill out their brackets brackets and then then we'll find out but I don't think we should do it on a podcast Matt. I think that people don't like it when we spend the whole episode. Like I know when Akiva Kiva has famously said that if you really like this podcast then you're going to really love this podcast that I think we get caught in a little bit of a bubble sometimes with the people on twitter and then you'll see the external community saying enough friends of the pot enough of the Self Referential External Community. Yeah Akiva I I think that that would not be a good episode but I think that in Alabama and to have this. We'll have a chester type. Kirk Clark whoever put it you know we'll have a rankings and then maybe during the mail bag segment for The sixty four six episode. We can Will you know I'll just say hey fun. Fact number thirty seven was this. It will have your guests a little bit but it doesn't to be a full episode. It could just be a few minutes but you don't like my idea of that. Somebody should see the bracket and then have people fill out brackets and then we and then we'll have like actually the winner was had the final four. If we're doing a podcast I think it's more or useful to just rank them independent of each other. Then you could just have a tough match-up I think it's more useful for us to know what each episode's ranking is. If we're doing a podcast the bracket makes more sense. But if you're not doing a podcast there's no reason to put him in a bracket so are you putting together like he's like one person who is in charge of ranking all the episodes. No no there will be someone will make the Google form than anyone could fill out and rank whatever episodes they want. And then I'll say like Oh. This isn't one at a time and I'll say like music. Videos is a two point. We're going to the lowest rank or poll out there and yeah correct. We'll have results that we can get into on episode number sixty five one hundred percent okay. That's fine but the poll will not be out and then yeah and we didn't spend a whole episode talking about that. It could be like the bulk of mailbag. Okay all right all right so are we put us in our putting criminal minds on the wheel. You WanNa wait you want to. I don't know yeah I I think he can go on the wheel by not eligible for next week. Okay fine so put on the wheel. Okay all right Robin Akiva solve another murder all right Jason Alexander Zone that week arc work I think so. Yeah I don't think Alexander I don't think they you know you okay. I mean he's a serial killer who has five bodies that seems like something that could be solved often half hour. Okay all right there you go all right. What else? AKIVA and voicemails voicemail anymore. Rub Yeah we got a voicemail. You want to check his voicemail. We did get some voice. Sure so if you WANNA send us a voicemail you can go to rob has a website dot com slash R. A. N. A. P. Vm. OR SPEAK PIPE DOT com slash ran up but all right AKIVA. So let's let's let's check out what we have some messages year. I have a couple of new ones. Who Do you WanNa hear from you? WanNa give me options okay. We got a couple of new one year. I've from Alex and I have from the braces right. Also all right. Let's Alex's email voicemail. Not Alex Chester here. We go I don't think so. Hey Rob Hey Akiva Alex here so for my idea. I propose a brain steal but the sixteen contestants are all shut up. Tim's ideas in whichever whichever idea wins automatically goes on the wheel. I have not talked to shut up to him about this and I do not know if he would like it but I feel like there's a good amount of ideas out there that could make the brain steel. So why would you guys want to do. That's the point you wouldn't h- you'd watch in horror as each of these great eight ideas of shut up. Tim's go through the rounds and potentially get funneled tribal twin. But here's the kick you guys can each make a winner pick in the beginning and if you're winter pick wins. You don't have to do the idea but if you lose whichever idea wins gets automatically put on the wheel let me know what you guys think. Thanks okay in a little lost in the weeds with all the rules. But okay so brandon steel with sixteen ideas from shut up him Akiva and then whatever one wins means the fake survivor season that I automatically going on the wheel. Okay so it would be like imagine we're talking and it's like Robin Akiva Join Tick Tock and that's getting a idled out at the first show against like it's a funny idea but I don't think it's those things are so long like the joke is over well before hours over. I wonder are you know. Could we Yada Yada a brand steel where it's like all right. Let's just go to the next council. All right let's skip all the camp life. I think we could get from like three hours the two hours that way. I don't think I think we can do an hour. How about this though? We have the the Mike Bloom idea the era the pro. The stands versus ops ideas. which we said we'd put back on right after survivor Susan? So what do you like better because to me. That sort of like we've been sort of promising that that for a year at this point we did that in twenty eighteen. Sure and over a year's we let's let's stands versus ops. Come back in the survivor off. Season Okay so you're saying you like that better I do like an idea. And we kind of have what wheeler. No he'll yeah that's pretty similar in that could be that could be next weeks. Episode Road could be a could all right AKIVA. What else I think that's it. How about this before? We spin the wheel I know there aren't a lot of trailers for coming attractions and PODCASTS. But we do have a teaser trailer. It's been sent in by the creator of the The Oral History of sleepover pipe. Okay so you're that. Just set this up. This is a keys for the upcoming. At some point sleepover oral history. PODCASTS I have not heard this yet yeah okay all right. So let's let's Matt. Are you hyped up for for the oral history of the sleepover. PODCAST as somebody who flew out a three hours or four hours before it started. I am extremely hyped. I've I've been thinking about this nonstop since Oh you missed it. You missed it. I did and I didn't know that you were there. Okay all right all right here we go. Here is the trailer we've ever had a trailer for war. Anything that's on the wheel before All right I think every idea gets a trailer going forward all right here. We go sixty episodes props sister Nina and Akiva winokur occur have covered topics. No other podcast has dared to explore navigating the Oregon trail watching weird Canadian television and even naming a human baby. But there's one topic. They've refused to cover that topic. Is The sleepover podcast. This episode is so controversial the both rob and Kiva have insisted it will never see the light of day Cassim that that was to be the.

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