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Yeah. On the one hand, I do sort of dread the idea of being consumed. Yeah, you know, all beings endeavor to persist in their own being Spinoza said that I heard about that from a Cup of coffee, but on the other hand. I guess on some level, I still hope that that I will kinda fill myself by being consumed. You know, I think that dream is still is still very much alive though. I, from being perfectly honest with you, you know, I do. I do sometimes fear that that moment is passed. I feel weird saying this, but. I could drink you. Right now. Yeah. I mean, I want I I want you, I'm thirsty, but I also I want this to be a good moment for you. I want you to be read. I don't want you to do it if you're not ready. Well. I'll make a deal with you. I've always said, I wanted to go with my eyes wide open unprepared to end it here. If you promise me that even if you're disgusted by tastes, you will finish the Cam. I, I will make you that promise. Is there anything you want to say to the humans, even countered the cans you've encountered the countertops you've known? I think. I think overall, I would say life is a gift and a blessing, and I don't believe anything ends, but everything's simply transforms into the next thing. I would say if I can be a little bit soft hearted and set to mental for a moment to. It's a gift to get to be anything at all. Well, maybe what we'll do in the just in the interest of of journalism is all all drink about half and then we'll check in again. Great. Do you wanna talk wall? I'm drinking you. I don't know. Okay. No, I wanna have the full experience. Okay, bro. Check in with you at the halfway Mark. All right. So I'm, I'm picking you up. Give me one second. Okay. Are you ready? This I have to say, feels delightful. It will. I guess. Cheers, cheers to you with you. Here's hoping for the best. I mean. You're, you are delicious. Thank you. You're very gentle. This is trippy feeling. I'm not gonna lie. All right. My first report. Feeling very spacious inside right now. God, I got room to be. Yeah. But I'm also I'm feeling the warmth of the Tommy. Very strange thing in two places at once spacious in my own body, but feeling warm and secure on your own. Tommy. Wow. All the sudden I find myself thinking about my body. I'm thinking about my body and I'm hoping my body is a good place for you. I think so. I don't mind telling you my first impression of the inside of your own Tommy. You seem to be taking pretty good carrier self. Thank you. Yeah. I m seeing some sweating things, some joy. I'm gonna. I'm gonna have a little more. You go ahead and finish me off. Okay. Are you? Are you still there. Everything. Choose produced by Jennifer mills and me, Ian chill. We got help this week from Emily speed, AC Sarah, Geiss MacKenzie, Fagin, evil, Chilver, and Bill Kurtis a very special, thanks to Stevie lane and just also teddy blanks. Adam, Squires chips. We're grateful to the reporting of Patrick win and Timothy organ on this. So we heard the song sheets to from the band mountains that's off their album. Coral, everything is alive is a proud member of radio topa from wrecks, and we are Turnley grateful to Jewish appear. Executive producer, Louis, the can of generic cola was played by Louis cornfield. Our website is everything's alive dot com. You can find us on Twitter at Ian Chile and on Instagram at a podcast. If there's a thing you want us to talk to let us know. We'll see you soon. Radio. Hey,

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