President Trump, Mexico, Colombia discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing - Monday 17 July


Listeners would be interested to know that these over six million votes are still lower than the seven million and a half votes obtained by minute or when he was elected a president back into into fausto thirteen back then over fifteen median voters took part in that election and last year it less 2015 over fourteen million voters took part in the national assembly elections that were one mostly by the position he that is the case than the turnout for the selection he's very low close to thirty two percent and if the result is much lower than one baluyot got back in 2013 it means the position is still has a lot of work to do a safer on what about what is at the heart of the the the opposition to specific opposition which is the sort of a constituent assembly changes to the national assembly amendments of costa the constitution does this mean it's easier than i guess for murdering his supporters to move these that sort of agenda forward ecent ecre elusive still deeply unpopular he served popularity addressing between twenty two twenty four percent depending on which bowl you look at but if you compare that with which more what might mean quite low for european aroma costanzo she compared with the 17 percent opinion yet to housing mexico or the 14 percent that uh he's neighbor one on a census housing colombia or much worse the seven percent of the world peace to michel temer enjoys upon intended uh in in basile then you see that he's not in a terribly complicated procedure having said that he is some popular there are issues concerning the rule of law which need to be negotiated between your position on the government in fact a last week pope francis made it yet another call for about to kind of negotiation to take place but the problem is that the position seems hellbent.

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