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On as I said it was only symptomatic patients we have gone back and said we want to come and test everybody we've doubled the capacity of the main program which is the National Guard testing program and over the past several days the man has the man was averaging about which is the National Guard Massachusetts national guard's may yeah there you go but it was what it was it was one of the the acronyms I was exhorted Mang stand for so Massachusetts National Guard so the main program was testing probably got between seven hundred nine hundred test today and they're now seventeen hundred eighteen hundred a day so that was the payment we made when I temporarily halted the sending kids out to folks New York hold his planning and destination all orders I should be doing something like that here I certainly think that and I said this before that will be doing a lot of sort of hindsight work once we get through the crisis but in the short term our goal is to do what we need to do on the ground every day to help enhance and improve the quality of our performance collectively in terms of taking care of folks are residents of nursing homes rest homes and assisted living facilities the work associated with that will certainly happen but I think from our point of view goal number one has to be to do everything we possibly can to create a safe environment for people okay secretary centers pushing about older homes if you could explain whether there's been any capacity to do a next round of testing I know there's been daily record saying X. number of residents or employees have been tested those include any people been retested and is that something is being looked at down the road as a possibility if not already so what we try to the end of the question again to me for those up in the Chelsea in Holyoke soldiers home has any of the residents and employees been retested and if not is that something we have the capacity to do in the future or how would that be explored so at both the Chelsea and Holyoke soldiers home we have tested all residents and the vast majority.

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