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Real challenge becomes figuring out what we're going to do for the folks who have lost their jobs whether it's uh uh whether it's uh uh supports whether it's job training to go into a new career uh we just need to while a very strategic with how we handle that so that's one big change another big change is the uh the rise of distribution and the increasing importance of distribution as far as uh amazon and and other online services go uh people are shopping more online now which is great for ohio because of our access to fifty percent of the american and canadian markets in a relatively short period of time the infrastructure to matt in ohio uh that that access to the to the consumer's the bill just mentioned ohio's blessed we've got a lake we've got a river we had a multitude of interstates we've got the still functioning rail system uh we're developing the air transport resources so we seem to recognize the were in the ride geography and we're trying to maximise that we do end because we have this history of manufacturing workforce or manufacturing there is some overlap there is maybe a little more ability to have a blue collar or to a attract a bluecollar workforce in ohio than there might be in some states so there it is estate that's well positioned for this industry and there's obviously a lotta growth there the you have worries billy only get a minute here we are seeing this oil and gas boom in eastern ohio lot a money coming in lot of construction tight jobs do you worry that this is just yet one more round of natural resource boom and bust it is going to be a boom and bust yes and we as a state need to prepare for that and in that just means thinking through that the money this flaw we now isn't always going to be there yeah put it in a bank satellite but dad we're going to talk a little bit more about what's going on in ohio we're going to talk a little bit about some policies that may come out of the federal reserve bank ross going to look at some of the sectors of the economy and thuggish forecast man bill one where those might be headed we'll continue chatting with dr matt roberts and dr abdul lafayette when we continue on how high.

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