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No he should have been fired yes for. This Call appreciate. It. They were Crazy the bundy's Hammonds? Under, the old administration Obama yes going great guns a moment Trump got in there, and Navarro. New prosecutors Well In a, few but they're trying and the and one of them was in. Nevada, well, well it wasn't Navarro, Navarro actually. Prosecutors I. Know I'm, sorry chatter from what I heard was that that judge had to go back to DC and get schooled a little. Case. Good and if that's the, case Bravo to this administration for schooling that, judge because when when they went back to, say, judge please, reopen she did, say, no she's pitiful and. Disgusting in the other, trials I'll give you that because she's a Harare Yeah I shouldn't a change of pace change by Navarro after Trump got in. There and what does he done since last week week before that he Hammond's right now he pardoned, them you'd? Pardon. Yeah so so give him a little credit for doing. That and I know that our caller does not like Trump we get, it but but give him some credit for. That and here's the other deal, too is that, these, these these, prosecutors they keep doing. This Trump wasn't trying to get this back into. Court the prosecutors, are and so let's hope and gets shut down at the ninth circuit. Level our farmers and ranchers need to be. Protected they surely need our protection in this. Country but this is just so I just wanted to let people know Navarro the same. Judge and I do think she got. Political I think she got pressure to to not reopen that, case which is good works out for the ranchers and, farmers but she just sentence somebody to fourteen years and all they did was go down and help the family for two hours for two. Hours Hours a gentleman cross state, lines went to go help the bundy's fourteen years he's, going to be sitting in prison that's the same judge so I'm just telling you yes she's a she's a whole different dose of evil The constitution is not valid court, same, one constitution not valid here I just wanted to all of you guys to know what, these people are going through because. Of persecution by. Our government and if you wanna go as far as to say government. Terrorists yes I will agree with you. Because they are being. Terrorized these families and it's, not, fair and, we have to protect them this insane Is a side comment here. Just let you know that Trump is working on the back.

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