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Round. Wow, that's great to hear I'm sure a lot of new business have to be really excited to hear more about that. Right. What we want them to do is get excited about it and instead of just ten applying, we like to have them all apply and the make sure that that they go through the process of filling out the forms and stuff, and hopefully that will adjust it and maybe we'll give more than. Five thousand and next round because there's no rules on the five thousand, we set the five thousand for the first round because we didn't have those expenses like others is or or giving up to twenty, five, hundred or less. So since we don't have such expenses and we believe we would rather keep the money in the city of union than having back to the state because the program lasts until the end of the year. Hopefully, some city, some of the local businesses in the city are listening in here that the process easy in the city is happy to help, and we'll look into applying the second round or like you said maybe third-round and that's That's a lot of good money out there for them. Yeah. Certainly, this is going to continue for a little while longer. So why not what I'd rather have it in the city then go back to the state YEP. Exactly. With that near Sam I think that's unfortunate. All the time we have. A chance to talk about the small business grant and definitely something of the Chamber we've been watching since it started in we we hope to see more cities offering this kind of help but certainly a lot of excitement going forward to to see what the city of unions able to do to continue helping businesses through this time So with that, I will thank you mayor Solomon for joining us again today telling us without union and I'll turn it back to you Jeremy. Thanks. And Welcome back to the Northern Kentucky spotlight we want to thank you once again for joining us remember hit subscribe hit share on this. There is a lot of information in today's podcast from how vote had a gamble a great things about union. Closing all the gaps you're learning all kinds of great stuff here on the spotlight. So next week, Jeremy We've got the folks from Saint Elizabeth and the New Cancer Center. So that should be exciting and all kinds of great stuff happened in Northern Kentucky us. See you next week and we WANNA, thank CG response are absolutely for for help us out here and not only getting us where we need to go. But also making you know the latest and Greatest About Northern Kentucky Jeremy Thank you for all your hard work is always. All right. We'll see you guys next week right here on the Northern Kentucky spotlight..

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