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Think it should. He's he's he's right wary or to be not so what was interesting about out for me was kind of a sly actualize actualization on saw finally For your interesting question but Profound in my no. I suppose an actor usually has to think about a characters past not worried too much right. I mean for me what was interesting about it was that i i wanted to put across the sense that you know. He's dumb things within the of this story that he is not going to be able to forget all that he's proud of doing like even towards the end of the story without giving too much he does something we didn't need to necessarily do in traditional stories like yes you'd walk but what's the ramifications of women but what is the ramifications of what he's done like he will be forever home -ted by what happened within this story just like as Shit he was onto by what happened in india or what happened in his childhood. And it's almost like he's managed to get over those things but now we have new things to whom us as we go forward and so there will always be those additional struggles that we have to try and overcome in some with all while you're dragging yourself around dragging your passed around through all these experience. Well just wanted to say. Thank you to both of you for making this this show. It was really really quite something to watch. I hope everybody gets a chance to check it out jack. Andrew thank you so much for joining me today. Thank him just floor on the same. I'm pleased i am a on through the next. Please do any off. I thanks guys thanks guys..

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