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Spotlight my name is hannah league and president of honey communications an award winning public relations agency in new york city. And i'm michael an stanbic editor in chief handley communications and a food beverage writer as journalists myself and hanner is a pr professional. We understand the power of media coverage in its impact on someone's career and business that's why we launched our podcast. Help our industry rebuild and rebound by interviewing top journalists share their insights and tips for gaining the media's attention in this episode. We are so excited to chat. With our first international journalists guest sandra lawrence and gary chapman the founders of the cocktail lovers magazine in the uk. Charming married couple together. Share the cocktail love through their economist. Magazine and website events and consumer workshops noted for being the first to know who's moving and shaking and the cocteau world. The cocktail lovers magazine was voted. Best spirits cocktail publication details of the cocktail spirit. Awards and shortlisted for best food and drinks publications in the british society of magazine editors awards. The duo have also been listed on the london evening. Standard of progress. One thousand london's most influential people. Hi guys hi. Sandra and gary how are you hiring michael and hannah how you doing great. Welcome to the show hassle. Great to see you thank you. This is so exciting. You guys are first overseas guests with privilege. We've listen to a lot of your apart constant. They absolutely brilliant. Keep up the good work and we fail so on the to be politicians shock. You serve hot thank you. The feeling is very mutual and up. You know have you guys been and what's it like for the hospitality industry in the uk right now. It's we've been fine. Luckily we've been healthy and we've kept well but it's it's sad because we can't get out and say the and support our friends. I'm but that's the tough because we know that a lot of people are suffering right now. So that's that's the hard thing. Yeah and i guess it's the same in london is is in new york and other big cities where he. You thrive on the energy in that buzz and to walk around those streets and they're quiet on the vase applies it. It's hauled it as a same here in new york city. I mean we used to get sixty million people visiting new york city but now is a complete difference in our situation so very sad but we we know. We have been seeing a lot of innovations as a result of this crisis. What do you guys seeing on. Your side of the pond at the good thing is with this industry. Everyone is so created and they've been so quick to pivots because you know it's a matter of having to survive so people have been thinking very quickly but it's been the launch. I think also in the in the states not so takeaway and delivery services which is amazing. Because i think that before people used to think that from as not the greatest of drinks but actually the quality of them has been absolutely amazing. We've had we've had auto cocktails from from the conal to swiss to all sorts of bows and everyone's doing a great job yeah bartenders. Far by nature they ultra knows so they get no these lemons thrown them and making beautiful lemonade. You know so with with in all away nets in making this intra positive much as possible and the other thing is it's been really good from a consumer point of view to see how much the people want based drink so it's not just a case of for bonds creating these they're actually being snapped up and the here In the first month of the very first lockdown kotel delivery services. Google three hundred fifty cents more than they have been before so that just goes to show the first that people have all cows indeed especially the pandemic think made people even thirstier drove muscle to drink drink so speaking of invasion You guys have done amazing work with the cocktail lovers which now celebrating ten anniversary this year. I think right your congratulations. That's amazing so tell us about the cocktail lovers. How did it come about your inspiration to you know fool. Your audience is so tennis. Everything about your magazine roy. How long were you got. We'll give you the condensed version as you say with the guy for about ten years and it started very much as labor love and the and it still is An came about. Because on. John i we looked into vase. When we've stating own trump repress laundrup. I've taken a great hotel baas. Luckily it what you know. I think it was a key. Part of our relationship was going tonight. Spas and dressing up from getting to know the buffet. We always love sitting at the bar. A big thing barnes offenders they kind of like the fact that we were more than a liberal entrusted. And then you know this was a few years with us and then we start talked to friends and they roy's asking us wish we go and what's houghton are going to be in this part of london. Where should we drink so we decided writing a longer time very much about the vas in london and that's how it started of we the Lovers goes we were love us. We were married then But also we a key part of what we wanted to do was to celebrate great falls. We didn't want to do negative reviews. We didn't we might that thing in a restaurant. Whoa where people put down restaurants and give them baths. We said celebrate what we love about. This industry We wrote the blog that evolved from baas threaten about drinks personalities And also we always take a lifestyle So we will equally writing about what people were wearing of traveling then holds into the magazine and it became a very vessel. We wanted the magazine to be a lifestyle. I could say about coq. Towels was equally important about sued and travel and close postal. She's old from a Perspective yeah and then after the bloke and it transitioned we want to do a little bit more and people can also today mall. I was already a journalist at this time. But i was writing about fashion and food so i was interviewing chefs But it was so much lovelier to interview baltin. That's because they had so much passion bayden with theatrical autistic own lives this wonderful infused the essence. I had full what i would do it. And i want to translate that to let people know that bolton in wasn't this deadly jobs that people just did in between correa's this older career and because i was very much maligned style background in what advertising. So he had that mindset as well. We wanted to translate our passion to other people that we knew that was starting their journey as well so we were asking the questions that they wanted to ask and to knowledge and we brought the towel to lie in the how lovers lifestyle was here. I mean are fans and i know. There's a lot of fans around the globe loving your magazine sale. That's talk about being a couple so you are married and you are working caputo. Just like michael and me not as Challenges and and rewarding part as well. So what do each of you do.

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