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In the billboard. I would say was a success with that kind of competition right. Yeah absolutely i you. Some of those are albums. That are those bands best albums. yeah and again i. I use the term excess. Eighty s You know everything was to excess. Everything was big. Everything was allowed. I'm big hair smoke on all the videos we videos we were back when we had mtv and we actually listen to video videos like listen to video watch video. We listen to him too. I guess right you're right. I mean that was the time period. Where like th the visuals. Were so important because videos were on all the time. Twenty four seven so yeah so let me deconstruct the amoureux quick just so that we understand who are all on the same page. Here's a track list and the phases of life. It starts with a song called summer's cauldron in that represents the birth of a brand new person and it's even the emerging from the womb but it's also phase with the dawning of a new day with the sun coming up in the crickets chirping and the animals and the birds and the bees and just all the stuff happens are the next song. Is a song called grass in. that represents. Adolescence are kind of youthful trouble. That you get into There's some double entendre there. Where he says talks about the things we did on did on graph so it. It's talking about rolling in the clover and crushing grasp but also there's also that know talking about where smoking weed and right. I can having fun. You have a young adult who now meeting someone at the meeting. Places that album then we start having relationship struggles with a song called. This is a tough one. This is your really super super girl. Yeah which is i will reserve my comments on that song we get there. Okay you see the relationship struggles of a normal mortal who is dating supergirl and he's talking about how she can save the world but she can't save the relationship right you know in so. That's that like young adults stuff that we're starting to struggle with ballet for a rainy day talks about sadness and depression and so when you start breaking up and then we get into full up break up song and that is one thousand umbrellas. Depression young adult anger. We go to season cycles the next song. That's our existential crisis. As a as a young adult it happens quite often earn enough for us. We're dealing with financial issues. And now we're into actual relationship The building blocks of this is going from here. And how does a young couple make enough money to make it. All work out in. That song to me is beatles comes. Oh yeah who put in all the right way then. We have big day which is about getting married huh. We have another satellite. Which is marriage problems. We have mermaid smiles which has financial issues Let's see here. The man who sailed around his sole regular back to this exit crisis in its done so in a really cool Like spy sound with this kind of this like sixties jazz. Kind of like get smart. What reminded me of you know what that's a. That's exactly what the you're you're right. I could not pick could not put my finger on what it was. But it's that kind of yeah it's the sixties james bond sound i then we actually get to a song called dying about facing mortality. The pinot ultimate song is sacrificial bonfire. Where we we're accepting growing old in the fact that we're going to die in an ends with the person dying and on his deathbed minutes before he dies. He has his prayer to god. That is as angry as it can be where he tells them he doesn't believe in him because of all the troubles that he and his lifetime that everything's been that's the cycle of life and then the song ends in Starts all over. yeah. I think it's brilliant. I think it's absolutely brilliant. I i i think it's a it's interesting and we touched on this before but i think it's so interesting that the wrote these songs and if it hadn't been for the producer would have released a completely different album with songs completely different words and it would not be any it would not be what it is it would not be on everybody's list probably i mean it might have had a couple of singles but i mean they only had one single that charted off of this one Yeah yeah. I mean so. They tried a couple of other singles and none of them worked. Oh yeah there's no one will listen to him but again put into the body of this composition for actually makes a lot of sense. It took somebody from outside to come in and take these songs and put him into any kind of meaningful order. That would make this a lasting album. And so i. I just find that so amusing that on their own. This never would have happened but she throw the right guy at it and he gets something to get something. That's going last it goes to the brilliance of todd rundgren. Who if you'd asked me before. I knew his background the history of this i would have gone. Oh god that the meatloaf guy yeah But then you go. That was really actually pretty brilliant because he took thirty or thirty five demo tapes that these got sent him they were just kinda scratch recordings and and found something that they didn't know they had yeah and fought with them the whole time. Let's talk about the recording. Sure the three of them show up at utopia studios in woodstock and from the immediate gecko because rundgren was charged with keeping things on time and keeping things under budget. He and andy partridge fought like cats and dogs. Man just from the get-go half ago. 'cause run girl was prick partridges. An even bigger prick and they would. They were living on the grounds in what they consider to be. Sub housing for them right but they hadn't sold anything like his delusions of grandeur. They thought they were so important. Yeah the sense of entitlement like you guys haven't had a single in years do you think you. Do you think your and they would show up and demand these things and todd rundgren with literally press the control button and go guys. We're not gonna do it that way. That's fantastic so they even they colin moulding even had a comment that you know we we would show up and we would know the songs that we were playing when we'd actually written them like we had no idea what they were and so he'd completely rearranged them he put in string parts he put in a bunch of piano and since he put in a bunch of drum sounds that they listen to and they go. This sounds absolutely terrible and so they fought constantly. Very turbulent recordings. everything was very very contentious. You can hear the anger especially on one thousand umbrellas when you hear almost as mocking tone. Andy partridge has where he's like over renzo virgin just like you know where he just like a little kid right. Yeah that's terrible so they wrapped up todd. Rundgren took the recordings senate out to prairie prince in san francisco. He listened to the songs overdubbed drums in the studio across the continent himself. Which is fascinating to me. Well it is especially in this day and age you can. It's especially now with technology in the last year and a half bands have been recording albums literally across the country from each other on a home recording technology. And man you know emailing her putting the files in dropbox and digital editing this in this. That wasn't the way it was done in the eighty. One the idea that you just take a mixed album senate across the country in some other dude is gonna to mix in the drums and make sure that they that right and then mail it back to you for you to master. That's insane just absolutely crazy and so what happened was the master comes back. They all converge back in utopia studios.

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