Steve Austin, Michael Cole, Partner discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard


Sort of a fun thing to look back at too is when j are mentioned on commentary that deal oh is a certified pope account it uh is he the first wrestler in the history of the business to be a cpa i mean i thought part of the gig with being wrestler is you fuck your taxes up as hilo the first guy who doesn't do that i don't know he may have focused taxes up more twotimes odd bitch used to cringe whenever he would say that because it just takes away a little bit is tough guy nation the domination eight of data protection just go work called below our us taxes are us at one eight hundred deed low i think you better recognize you got more deductions there you go um our announce what everybody's been waiting for stonecold steve austin doing a promo with michael cole here and also saying he doesn't give to crafts about who the mystery partner is and within cjr in lawler and jerry's climbing he's holding one austin for poor from kindergarten and it says austin doesn't play well with others we could have video package treatment here hyping the vader and cane match enduring that you briefly see cain double choke slamming a young team by the name of the hardie boys and during the video package they show cain lighting undertakers casket on fire and then we see a woman in the crowd crying in this video but that's actually not from win they set the undertakers cast gunfire is from the nine after brian filmon's death.

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