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He, guys, it's candice and Kayla, and we are directionally challenged. Yeah, we thought we would have. It all figured out by the time we were in our thirties. Surprise we don't. Know. We don't, but that's okay. It is okay because you know what the more I live, the more I realized. No one really has it figured out and we're all in this together. Yes, just like high school musical says we are all in this together. We are still currently social distancing. We live in California in Los Angeles. So there are still social distancing rules in place here that both Kayla and myself are following set in our own homes were just looking at each other on our zoom. Call Kayla today. I'm good I'm just pushing. You know we would have been wiser and just corn team together. And decided like hey, we're all in this. Let's just do it for months and months together. Although I don't know. What do you think we would have survived that scenario I think we wouldn't know no. I. Appreciate Your Honesty. Like where I mean we've all been on tons of trips together. Our whole run group and we do great in like an Airbnb for you know. Three nights four days. We rock that, but by the fifth day it is someone. Everybody needs their personal space like no bathroom is big enough. No, like no Wifi is strong enough. It's really a lot. It's really true and you know I'm beginning to feel that way about my corn team as well you know. It's what others things like. You. Love someone so much, but it doesn't matter how much time you spend with them. I was eating salad last night for dinner and Tanner. And said I was eating my salad too loudly and I just realized like Oh God. We're every meam on the Internet right now. and. It's so true. Are You finding comfort and silences like? Have you gotten to that point yet? Yeah. I feel like I go sit outside from it and hear the birds chirping, and it's everything to me because you know it's one of those things where like our houses really loud and noisy day to day so of course, oh. Did you mean silence between Tanner and I I did, but you know what. Are Lovely to. What would you ever relationship? You're the one with the. Birds or your husband's, you know. Open I mean yeah, but we really comfortable in silence beforehand to. We were honestly that couple that could eat in silence at a restaurant and be fine, so we've. We've always been kind of comfortable in that, so that hasn't changed at all. How `bout you guys. How're you doing over there at the king household? Where good I am very impressed with like the kids. I think that they're handling this. In continuing to handle it much better than the adults You know I am proud that Joe is found new things to interest himself in like you bought a fly, fishing rod and putting it together, you know he's looking at moon charts and studying his family history. I think these are all very. Beautiful things Yes and I'M GONNA, navigating my own way it it. It's it comes in ways I feel like there'll be a week where it's comfortable in the sense that this feels like some sort of new normal. Because? We are taking this really seriously in our household. There's five of us here. You know were responsible for each other's health as well so we haven't left. A whole lot we've tried to really be specific in the way that we do. Leave the house and then there will be a week where I just find it really hard. You know I was I'm so happy that the hiking trails are open again. And because I I like to hike and be outside, and so I went for a hike, and it was nice, but on the way there I just cried. Thinking like this is I haven't cry, had not cried in a few weeks and I just realized how much I needed. To. Just let out a lot of this pent-up emotion of just. What is this world that we're in right now? And what is it? GonNa look like on the other side of this. And how long is it? GonNa take to get there and even something beautiful like going on a simple hike and I had my mask and I I was prepared. And You know by the time I get down to the bottom of the hike. There are people arguing because someone wasn't wearing a mask and running and other people were, and they're all yelling at each other and everyone's upset. And it's hard it was that realization that just you know. You can't kind of escape the reality that we're in right now and that's okay. I think you don't need to. We shouldn't escape it. You have to face it but there will be days that are easier to tolerate and accept easier to accept. I think the word except is much better to us than than kind of just ignoring and saying. Oh, it's fine whatever it'll be great. so that's kind of the week that that I've had a little bit more on the lower end of the experience this week. And that's so honest I think that's so important to to just be honest with ourselves and to you know. Honest with each other, because if we we are all in this together, and we're all doing our best, and some weeks and days will be different for each individual and. You know depending on where you live. Your life is so different as well so it's just. A day by day hour by hour process, and we're all doing it and you know that's why we still do this podcast. Because we're really excited to continue to grow and learn any way possible and today we have a great episode with an handle zander cheese, a celebrity life coach, public speaker and Co founder of Handle Group and Executive Life Coaching. Company based in New York City. You guys you have seen her. She's been featured in the New York Times Forbes Self Women's Health Vogue Marie Claire. L, a million different things. She is also the author of. Maybe it's you cut the crap face. Your fears love your life, so we're going to sit down with Lauren. Who is a life coach and she is going to help us figure out how to handle our lives right now. During this pandemic, so here's our conversation with Lauren do. And we are back with Lauren Zander Lauren. Thank you so much for joining us today. How are you? How are you today? You are a like co businesswoman. Mom were all in this quarantine still together. How are you today? Let's just start off right there. The weirdest part that I don't know if. You'll be like happy for me. And it's almost embarrassing. Is what's changed in your life since quarantine and I get.

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