Jimmy Butler, Bulls, Jimmy discussed on Open Floor: SI's NBA Show


Chris Paul they have this brilliant front office that engineers that trade that continuously is ahead of the curve with analytics and and keeping cutting edge meant cutting edge mentality organization like the Bulls just weren't that the Bulls aren't the heat either like I'll see that the heat might be the Eastern Conference version of what the Houston Rockets were at that time period but. The Bulls just could have never done it which is why I can't put them where I can't put them in terms of the pain that the fan base should should feel comparatively to the Philadelphia Seventy sixers. Fans will look if you have a superstar level player in the thing with with Jimmy is like from a you know a real plus minus standpoint like he's pretty consistently top five top ten type impact guy, right. So if you have that level of a performer and you identify early that this guy is special and you resist temptation to be the most backward thinking front office this side of New, York And you and you start like making sound decisions or if your ownership and you deeply understand the game and you realize exactly what you've unearthed. And they were just backwards on the Jimmy experienced the whole time they didn't properly value him going into his first you know extension negotiations they paid the price for that I think they probably ruffled feathers a little bit. You know through that entire process making you kind of you know go out there and and earn his deal quote unquote in that breakout season, and then you know on top of it like if you are going to trade them, you've got to do better than freaking sack. Levin I mean so I just think there's an alternate universe that. They recognize what they have around. Jimmy. Their Front Office is actually baseline competent, and because of the lower standards in the eastern conference, they can consistently be like a top four, top five team and winsome series in advance a little bit. That's not asking that much in the Eastern Conference, right? It's just Be. A little bit better than the Indiana Pacers when you have a talent like Jimmy Butler, you could have done that every year and they just blew it anyway we we've yelled about the balls enough. Tell me why sixers for you are the the most painful team to watch it is it just the proximity of they had them last year and now they don't. The. sixers. Were a title contender last year. Jimmy. Butler was a humongous reason why they were title contender and one shied away from advancing to the conference finals where they could have beat the Milwaukee Bucks and then Won The championship because the Golden. State. Warriors evaporated So you get rid of this guy who's closing games for you. he's made. Your second, most important player easily in a landslide. One of the best two way players in the league..

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