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So I I like kind of go through phases. Like, I'll go through like unfaltering sprees on follow like all the celebrities in the reformed them. Sorry, g hit. Yeah. And fall. Oh, that's new of Kylie Jenner, right? And follow her than a week later. Like, okay, we're back. What did? I miss. Yeah. Catch up. Yeah. Right now, I'm really into fashion. I mean, I've always really liked fashion. And I feel like I kinda already follow everyone. I like, no. And like, and so if I meet new people follow them, but I think I don't I won't really follow like new people unless I think they've six style. Like, I'm kind of into that. Like if that. My entire explore pages. Just like slime, videos, and like fashion. Yeah. So if I see someone like a sick I'll fail like check him out if they've really cool style. All them the skyline spo-. Yeah. Like like, do you guys watch the San cutting videos? Yes. Hi, don't JC and interleague is it like the soap cutting. Yes. So cuttings lit to have a whole folder like a collection on Instagram like my favorite. So there's like I don't on my explore page. Yeah. The soap the sand and be like glitter in slime her folded hours at home. It's like seeing the phone. Oh, go watch it. It's a whole thing. Oh my God. That's basically what he's in for this area's style and slime seen the video on Twitter. Like, I was like the knives and the blow by guys tonight Clinton get not deal. I have but I don't remember show too. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. There's no explanation. His. Okay. So why did you decide to move to LA? What sparked that when did you move here? How long had he been thinking about it all that good stuff? I I moved here. So you guys with me on your podcast over? So I can I can call my mom now and be like Camco. Nope. They worked it worked. No. I I always wanted to. I mean, I just wanted to move could have gone to New York. I love New York to LA seemed like an easier transition because it's super close to home, and I know people out here. And I mean, you know, it's like every time I talked to you in like living LA three years later finally happened. Yeah. So I mean, I've really like I've been trying to get out here for so long. And I don't know why it just seemed so the tasks him so like daunting so intimidating. I didn't like I didn't push to offer years seriously like in early two thousand seventeen I almost had an apartment here fell through like in. Then things just kept getting in the way, I kept traveling was like this isn't like it's going to be hard from traveling so much. Yeah. And then. I would say like September of last year. I can HUD like a existential crisis. Like, what am I doing with my life? And I kinda just wrote down a bunch of things that I wanted like what like I'm really good at like living a life that I want and I was traveling a lot, but I feel like I wasn't progressing towards anything..

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