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Is brought up two times in one week. Steve requesting wildcard Wednesday. Be the Hardcastle and McCormick theme song. And we talked about Hardcastle and McCormick garnering. I'm a little delirious. Because I came from one of my screenings last night. It was it was yesterday. It was yesterday. Cool cars wrecked. And were you did you actually see the opening? Yes. Yes. Pretty fantastic. I I didn't I didn't realize the age disparity based upon our conversation yesterday. Yeah. Action pacman action packed. All right. Hardcastle mccormick. This is this is your your your station for all the Hardcastle and McCormick information that you need. You get it here. Three two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number. We've been talking about great stand up special some of the best ever greatest stand up comedians. And who makes you laugh we wanna talk about funny things to get our minds off of the dreary winter that we are suffering through. So let's talk comedy. Let's talk your favorite comedians and the greatest stand up specials and so on. Hey vick. You you mentioned at the top of the show. That you did have a a favorite favorite comedian or favorite standup? My favorite standup has lasted pretty much. It's never changed in my entire adult life and that is Eddie Murphy's delirious to me. It's still stands as my favorite, Eddie. I and let me tell you why it's still remember as an and I love there's so many good standup routines out there. But that one is special to me because I was a kid when it came out early eighties. Wasn't it eighty three? I think. Yeah. Yeah. Because I remember not being allowed to listen to that. And my cousin who was a couple years older than me came out to California his family. My my my uncle they drove they took like a road trip to California, and we went into their mobile, home or mobile home. But the trailer that they had rented and me and my cousins all huddled around a little tape recorder. And listen the delirious. Yeah. I it blew my mind. Yeah. It's funny. When you get to hear when you're young maybe a little too young to hear right? The blue adult comedian stuff. Yeah. Like, I was listening to Richard Pryor and George Carlin when I was about twelve right? That would be, you know, eleven or for you only it'd be yeah. Yeah. And I remember when when wanted came out the double album, which I had on cassette, and I would play it on my cassette player in my room. And it's filthy. I mean, it's I mean Richard Pryor wanted he's absolutely it's filthy. And and it's not just F bombs and words. It's sexual stuff drugs and all kinds of covers everything, and he does it in a very, very vulgar way. But a brilliant way brilliant, as I've mentioned before I think Richard Pryor is the funniest man that ever lived. And I agree with you. I I do think so as well listening to Eddie Murphy, as I was coming up growing up and listening to Eddie Murphy, say Richard Pryor was you know. Yeah. The God in com- comedy. I would go and listen to Richard Pryor and then go. Oh, wow. That's what a lot of people of a certain age did people who were too too young to listen to prior or. No who know really who he was and were teenagers. When Eddie Murphy hit, you know, a lot of those kids lot of teenagers who were who were digging on Eddie Murphy went oh, I gotta check out this Richard Pryor. So he opened up he opened up a whole new generation to him. But yeah, I think I think delirious is is a lot funnier than raw raw. I don't think. It's funny, but delirious delirious has some really great stuff in. Yeah. And then I I kinda agree with some other textures, and Dan, I know mentioned earlier gap, again, that's one of my favorites is well, he's hilarious. Great. Yeah. He is great. There's a lot of funny people out there. And and like I said. You if you have net flicks, you have access to a ridiculous amount of comedy special. I love it. There's like a ton of them home, and you can scroll through grow through for forty five minutes before you know, before you run out of of of net. Flicks comedy specials. One of the ones that I had fallen in love with kind of on. Netflix says I don't remember her first name, but her last name is Schlesinger. Oh, Elisa Elisa slow. She's great. She's funny. She's she's on Netflix. Does the last one that I watched was the man millennium? No middle aged or something like that it was titled. But it was the latest one that she did she's grain. I think she's really really funny Johnson very attractive little bit. Yeah. Yeah. You know, who's really attractive and also really brilliantly. Funny, you Nikki Glaser is no hall. Really? Yeah. Look up Nikki Glaser net flicks. Or just I don't think she's got a net special. She was she was again, she was regular on. Chris Hardwick show at midnight. And she's had a comedy central specials. I don't know if she's got a net flicks special you'd have to she might. I mean, she's she's she's on the level of having an she should have a Netflix special because she's got that kind of a reputation now. But Nikki Glaser is funny. Yes, I have seen her. And she I I want say she is on that flex. Yes. I think that's where I saw her why I'm just a huge fan of hers. I love Nikki Glaser so much that just this past season of dancing with the stars. Which is just show that I can't stand never watch. She was on it. So I started watching dancing with the stars. Just so I could see her. Oh, I remember you talking about she got booted Jesus I knew she was the first one booted. She's taught she seems tall. Yes. She is. She is. I I actually made a fool out of myself because a few years ago. Patty had her on the show, and she was live in studio because I I guess Nikki Glaser played. She was in town. I think she played zanies Patty had around in studio that's a few years ago. And I don't normally go busting in on other people shows, you know, what I mean like, I don't I don't do that. And we were upstairs because Patty Patty, always did her show from downstairs showcase studio. And as you know Vick. We did our show at the Tribune killing me did our show upstairs seventh floor. So I hear that Nikki Glaser is on and during a a news break. I texted Patty, and I was like can I come down come down and meet Nikki Glaser, like a total geek like a total fan. Boy who thinks not only is she brilliantly funny, but she's really hot. And I was like I got to meet her and Pat, he's like shirk down because Patty. Yeah, she's very cool. Gimme your first impression. First impression of her of Nikki Glaser while I hot. Okay. That was the first thing. And then just like really funny funny. But we talked off the air about stuff that you know, you're not gonna talk about on the air. Like, I was asking about her writing process, and and and what it was like to do at midnight. And she was giving me behind the scene stories about it. She was very friendly and very very nice. And and and just I think I think she's I think she's I think she's funny. I think she's a really funny as hell and various tractive now. So, but that's Nikki Glaser. So. We got a bunch of texts coming in. We get some people on the line. Let's go to Joe on WGN Hijo shaky green comes to mind, and I told band like can't recall the exact scenario if you will. But I think he was one of the most funniest guys that I've heard in recent history. Yeah. Well, Cecchi green Cecchi. Green was really. I mean, he's old school shaky. Green is old school. He's one of those guys that work the Catskills and was on Johnny Carson a lot. And I think the height of his popularity is probably late sixties, and he also was on curb your enthusiasm shaky green. But he's he's a funny funny guy. Jackie green, legendary comedian in in a in a guy who inspired. I think a ton of people. Dates me if you will. But I think you're showing the funniest guys heard in the last century. Yeah. Well, he's been around about a half century. Joe? All right, Joe. Thanks fan. Audio Shakir here. Stephen Galesburg on WGN, Steve. Those still. But Stephen was the tool for small world, but would wanna paint? It was hilarious. Yeah. You know, there's this is the I'm in the minority on this one. Steve we've talked about this on the air. I don't get Stephen, right? I just don't get it. And but but again, and Dan, I know you probably love Stephen, right, right? I do a victory like Steven, right? Or are you a fan of Steven Wright? Oh, yes. Definitely. Yeah. And obviously Stephen Galesburg is a fan. And I would I would wager that ninety percent of the people who are listening right now. Steven reid. He's hilarious. I I I just I don't get it. And I appreciate how funny people think he is. And I appreciate you know, the one thing that I really appreciate about Stephen, right? He's a he's a true original. There's nobody else likes Steven, right? Yeah. I mean, not with that delivery. And like, you know, and I will say this material is insanely consistent. Like, he's got a style. He's got a tone, and he's got a delivery. And he's unbelievably consistent with that. But I just I don't know what it is man. And all my friends think I'm nuts and at at the height of his popularity like in the in the in the mid to late eighties. When I think that was the height of his popularity at that's how he's still popular. Now. You know, he's a legend who's also been on. He was on. Larry Sanders us on curb your enthusiasm. He, you know, he's he's a comedy legend, all of my friends are like are you out of your mind, and we would sit and watch like a Stephen Wright special in like, hey, listen Joe's basement Joe loved him. We would watch the special everybody roaring with laughter. And I would be kinda funny. Yeah. Exactly of a Steve. Thanks, man. All right. Take care. I just remember like the here's an example of a Steven Steven Wright, Stephen Wright joke. You gotta do the full like slow, deep voice dead band delivery. I put spot remover on my dog. He disappeared. Exactly because his dog's name is spot, and he put in a disappeared. So I mean, it's the people. Fall off the chairs laughing, and I just kind of. Obviously, I totally acknowledged that. I'm way in the minority on this. And that most people who love comedy and stand up comedians. Love Stephen, right. And that's fine. You know, I just it's one of those things that I just don't get man. And we we talk about that that topic every once in a while, which is I just don't get it like everybody else loves it. And then you're like, I don't I don't I don't know. I don't know like big bang theory. I don't get out of I don't get that show. I don't get it. I mean, it's like the highest rated show on TV spent on for ever and people love it. And I watch an episode of it, and I just shake my head the whole time going. I don't understand. I really. I don't get it. But the Stephen right one is is, you know, I look, I I I realize I'm probably wrong. But that's just the the guy just doesn't make me laugh. So anyway, we got a bunch of texts that are coming in. We got more stand up specials to talk about in great stand up comedians, and I want to hear from you at three one two nine eight one seven two hundred and we'll do more of that. Right. After this. We had the.

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