Jason Towers, Terry Rozier, Celtics discussed on Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy


Yeah walked in here jason towers terry rozier and coley told him his nickname yours nickname bro yeah yeah and now do we have the footage play i changed my twitter name every like holiday so for i can't hear it scary terry rozier to that you you have have it it and then right now i'm cranberry rosia okay next month it'll be merry rosia anything i missed the whole thing i you gotta turn your headphones on so i bet the rest of the world heard we're good did it verify what was set correct and we did because when he came into this year a lot of celtics starter was trying to give them all these nicknames and to the point where austin aimed dangerous son was like no none of these work like we're not going with any of these and so then he happened to come in here like the next week and so we did a whole segment on the show like what what people call you and that's what he was saying all sorts of shit and i was like i think scary terry works and he was like yeah and he's fucking run with it basketball references official nickname that's all they call it out yeah oh yeah charlie mcevoy yeah we have a legitimate i mean we have to athletes we have charlie mcevoy and terry rozier those the two athletes that we've legitimate agreements jerseys awesome too so it was so hard character with.

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