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When i got out of college and i couldn't find a job that was so good at that time i was working part-time. That's crazy now after that you go back here in the philippines what you came back after a few years that i work for a company called. MCI MCI microwave communications inc microwave so this was when eight the empty was disbanded long distance was. It's no longer a monopoly right so eight. MCI came in sprint came LDDS came in so we were selling long distance packages to small and medium business. Wow and i remember <hes> we were like a sales group of forty to fifty people and the sales esteem but we had different levels of packages so like i was handling small and medium soul zero two thousand dollar billers meaning small businesses right then and there was another group that did two thousand five thousand five hundred whatever yeah so so i was part of the smaller theme though and my motivation to excel right was to not wear a tie because i hated wearing diorite right works so i said if i sell so much nobody can question what i wear right route so my motivation was not money motivational snack to the highest. I'm going to sell so much. I don't have to wear thank. You can't fuck with my out today. If i wear denim jacket yeah <hes> well <hes> i would work. I would work saturday sundays because that's when small and medium business owners are working directly on weekends. There's no holidays and every day counts really and number two. I concentrated with asian businesses because i was the only ancient in the whole office no way so not many they're not so many <hes> small and medium business that were started by caucasians or right right. They're all minorities. Minority not say primarily from what i saw was asian market right okay so that was perfect for me. Yeah and you're the only guy in asian there. It does perfect that i i. I argued that that segment got it so i narrowed down you know it's like you narrow down your market. <hes> and i narrowed on my market and said you. I'll have better success setting to other asians than trying to sell to a white guy got you by. Where are you gotta be different. Style is different yeah the silence and then of course white white birds on dr blockers are asian to asia right so i had huge success with closing accounts of the asian market and i was for a few months i was number two wow sales grid out of the forty to fifty people in the whole houston area for office task crazy so nobody was questioning what that's an amazing motivation invasion but this rings a bell with me because in my first startup guest list beach i did that during college it was my thesis pieces and what that does basically is get people through the guest list of clubs. I knew i could talk. I didn't know how to sell so i joined this company called group on and our exactly doing what you're doing and whatnot and that's when i realized also that man can sell i can persuade for you. What was your formula in telling because there's nothing if you mastered a steal of sales we can sell anything for saying really yeah well. You have to believe in your product. I i mean it's gotta be something tangible something that you believe in and number two you have to be sincere in because if you're not sincere people see through you right the smell the bullshit so either you believe in what you're selling and you honestly feel that you're helping the person then you know being sincere. It'll make it easier for you to sell a product or service and then what there's some tactics and strategy leiper example of me as i grew along <hes> i've seen a lot of sales people do this where it's a shotgun approach spray and pray free me. It's more like eight to qualify and i you said i don't want to wear a tie. The picture that came to my head was jordan belfort of wolf of wall street the go door to door but what i learned that movie was precision on cure. Some guys will take one hundred shots. Go home with ten or nine. I wanna be in ten. I'll close nine but i want to make sure that these are all enveloping words. Shoot all right. You want to be sure all right. You qualify your lead. Making sure are the decision maker. Do they have the money to they have interest because if not don't waste my time not even gonna talk to your story but for are you. What was your strategy like a top seller. There's a formula to that. It's not jamba had to try to understand their you know where were they. Were coming from joe and also i wanted to understand like if they were caught and their japanese i philippine so i had to die to understand also who i was talking talking to and who my audience was and then from there <hes> just be yourself. I mean if you try to to put too much fluff. It's not it's not a good thing that sometimes you get lost in what you're saying because you're trying to say so much and also it's important to listen to them. Sometimes they're saying stuff and you're not picking it up when in fact he can use it to help deal right exactly so so don't be concerned about what you're going to push what you're going to tell them but also think of what information you get from them that can help you closed yeah absolutely and i agree because sales pitches to be honest are not pitches their conversations a lot of people that i've seen would try to hammer hammer down go through a whole spiel. Don't care what they're saying. I finish this and i think that's done if they're impressed. Are you interested site now. No you have to converse first of all you gotta. Ask by asking this myself. This is like trade secrets by asking your qualifying them. You're getting them to get a talk and now you. You not too weak spots that you can actually penetrate if not then you're. You're doing a one-size-fits-all approach and then god knows what's going to happen after that now no after this buckle was how did you go back to the philippines. What would what made you decide to go back when we come back. He said he wanted me you to help with the family business and the family business was keeble v systems in the provinces which provinces but dan gas gas when somebody wow that's a captive market right there and this is the nineties where i we started in the seventies wow so my dad is known as the the the pioneer of the cable TV industry in the country. Oh my gosh so that was the business that helped me help put me through school and this is prior to this guy gables and whatever signals and you're not and it started in the south. How how how hard it is because was it. It's not like manila where everything is. It's literally. It's so compact were cable skin run through several neighborhoods in just a span of kilometers here tombaugh long real the distances where you gotta put little cables on TV out. How how hard was that rain well. Let's see our franchise was based on birth city per city so when you let's say get lucena city or a long upper city you're looking at that area only so you you set up dinah system and you run it like you said reynecke will down to so that was when the analog these we would pick up signals us from manila and then really through the high and dinner and then the signal would go to the cables at it. That's how cable TV TV started in the US and just like a normal tv transmission but you're just putting in premium channels. Is that the no it's like. Let's say in francisco or your are you st- on atlanta luther the key cities right but everything outside that they don't have a cable they don't have a TV station so the signal of that TV station can only go a certain radios but if you put up antenna which is about maybe fifty or one hundred miles away then you costanza then you can pick up that signal rebroadcast or resend the signaled signaled similar to those those wifi stretchers that we now have younger just in some parts of your house is not being reached someone like that all right. Take a break and when we come back let's talk more about how you help your dad with the cable business and how carmen best was born and but more of that after the break hey hustlers. Let's take a quick break from the episode to talk about a big mistake. I did early in my own hustles so start at founder and that's going all in on my startup without having any other source source of income you might see that's weird because we talk about going all in a lot in this podcast but allow me to tell you what exactly happened to me early. On back in my first startup called party foul. I resigned from my day job thinking that i'm going to get funded when i started winning pitching competitions because i thought i was going to get funded very soon but the reality all of the is it took me three years to get funded very broke during that time just because i wanted to go all in i didn't take any side hustle. The bad thing was i was depended on my startup for my survival our trying to grow so i ended up getting a lot of bad deals because that was desperate so in in my next startup which is chat block age. I made sure that i'm not going to be deceived mistake so i got into the art of freelancing by making enough money on the side to make ends meet it allowed me to flourish and get acquired just told months after committed up but that wouldn't happen if i didn't get paid on time and there's one product that i relied on heavily to get pete easily the league and its paige near. PAC me from a lot of hassle because it's the fastest way to get paid especially if you're doing relenting and a cool thing about it is that it goes straight. Get your bank account so you don't have to worry about your money getting stuck in wallet somewhere so whether you're freelancer ecommerce seller digital market or any hustler that require speed payment and i highly recommend the speed here to get your money so register now at go to pioneer dot com or download the app on the app store or we will okay. Let's get back to the show..

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