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Degrees at Sacramento's News, 93.1 kfbk. Your top story. KFBK. California Wildfire Watch Breaking news tonight. The fast moving Cal door fire has jumped the state line into Nevada. That news comes as a red flag warning for extreme fire conditions is being extended for another day. John Le Bertini joins us. He's live from the Kfbk s Wildfire desk with the very latest, well, Aubrey. The fire jumped Nevada by way of Alpine County, just south of Lake Tahoe. An evacuation order is in effect for portions of Douglas County Think Carson City. And people in some areas are fleeing their homes. Now here in California, it's the wind gusts of 30 40 50 Miles an hour driving the cow door fire. Hot embers swept away by those winds are sparking new fires as much as one mile ahead of the firefight. This is Cal Fire's Tim urged firefighters all night long. We're doing structure, prep and structure defense down the 50 towards the 89. That continues to be our number one priority because we have so many structures to watch out for it. We're told the evacuation of South Lake Tahoe and portions of El Dorado County that's complete evacuation of Please prepare to evacuate South Lake Tahoe in the last of its 22,000 residents cleared out in a matter Of ours in bumper to bumper traffic on westbound highway. 50 Sergeant Eric Palmer is with the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department. I want to thank our citizens for heating the evacuation orders. It's very important that we keep you safe and we get you out of the area so we can deal with these problems and fight this fire the most difficult firefighters unfolding near Echo Summit. Flames also jumped Highway 89 Christmas Tree Valley and the Kirkwood ski resort is now threatened. Tony Scardino, with the U. S Forest Service says this fire season is way ahead of schedule burning 1.7 million acres. So far, the drought conditions are worse. The fire conditions are worse. What we saw at this time last year started this year in June. So we're already expecting that conditions are going to last for another several months. The most recent numbers show the Count. Fire has burned 100. The called Or Fire, I should say, has burned 192,000 acres. But it's threatening more than 33,000 homes. During a stop in Oakland Governor Gavin Newsom told residents and firefighters were doing everything in our power to have your back. You'll see DC ten's taking off and landing from nearby airbase is putting down that red retardant. You saw clockwork. Dozens of helicopters actively trying to suppress this fire. Kaldor fire is burning south of Lake Tahoe and tonight at a community meeting, Cal Fire's Eric Schwab told residents and reporters crews are attempting to redirect the flames through Alpine County. We are going to try and steer it into the Tamarack fire. It's a fresh burn, and if we get it steered into their whatever portion we get that basically stops the spread of the fire. If only one official said. It's not enough to call these fire conditions unprecedented or extreme. They're worse than that. And extending this red flag warning Another day underscores the danger now. Aubrey Governor Gavin Newsome indicated during that visit in Oakland today that he would be visiting the lake Tahoe Bache in tomorrow. The called or Fire is 16% contained. Thanks, John. Much of California is on federal land. And today a lot of that federal land is being closed to the public because of the intense fire danger A..

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