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For, this week and misinformation, we're GONNA have a special bill bar focused segment and the reason, i. Don't. Get excited the regards your calls and letters people. Yeah. We're. Doing, we're giving the people what they want. The reason we're doing this is because almost a preemptive segment meaning like we are expecting a lot of misinformation to come from our attorney general and the reason is there's been a pattern of behavior from bill bar. You go all the way back to how he basically put the Kibosh on the impeachment report. In a very sinister way, was able to mangle it in in the public debate and ever since then he has been showing his cards, not a person who has sworn an oath to the constitution but if somebody who is a political operative serving the interests of the president, not as an office, but as a human being as a person. So there are a couple of things he did over the past few weeks that I think it's important for us to take. Note of one is he announced and his Justice Department announced that he's GonNa Brand New, York City Seattle and Portland as anarchist jurisdictions that can lose federal funding and this is important for those of us who live. In some of those cities and those who care about cities like that because these are cities that are ready send way more federal dollars to the system than they get back in return, and although there's a lot of griping about that you know we're we're generally we'd like to be good civic citizens. So we understand that we're never going to get one hundred percent back that we want, but we've always been fighting for more parody. So he's saying he's going to go even further than that and clawback federal funds He also had a remarkable soundbite over the past week where he compared cove lockdowns to slavery. Stay at home orders is like house arrest. It's it's it's you know other than slavery which was a different kind of restraint. This is the greatest intrusion on Civil Liberties in American history we have a little bit more about Barbara. Let's pause there like what what should we make of this and how should we prepare ourselves for what could be a few months which the Justice Department. is going to be run as an arm of the trump political campaign yeah. I think when anything having to do with bar comes up, I think it's important to start with the question of. Who does that help right because when when he took the job he signed up for the job like whole hog in the sense that he signed up to basically replace Michael Cohen as trump's fixer and I, think it's important whenever you're talking about this with with anybody in your life who's undecided or whatever is to point out that the job of the Attorney General is actually to be our fixer that he's he's really are he's not running a Department of Justice. He's running department of revenge on behalf of president trump and in particular on the anarchist jurisdiction thing. This is just really clear that they just really really badly WanNa make de-fund the police in issue in the election, and that's why if you look there only targeting with this. Ridiculous. Order, blue states who they have no chance of winning Minneapolis and Austin have both reduced police funding. But trump is in a fight to win Texas and Minnesota so they didn't make the list. So it's just I think the question with anything having to do with bar any news coming out of the Justice Department, is you just gotTa. Emphasize who does this? Actually serve because the answer is always trump right and it's important to also note that he he mentioned the national lockdown which did not happen and there were specific state stay at home orders and I think anybody who's been in any of the states with pretty strict stayed home orders. It's not like police were around people who are in violation of these things. And he's the attorney general other than a few cases about churches. He hasn't really done anything. So if he really does think that this is like Komatsu or something Japanese interment camps or eugenics or Jim Crow you know it's worse than all of these different things you would think that he would have done something as the the Attorney General of the United. States to to solve this incredible crisis of civil liberties. Also, can we be real for a second about stay at home orders like other than a a little bit of news I've heard about what's happening like in California in new. York. Where I've seen some footage where they're actually enforcing these in the rest of the country we're on the honor code man like this. Like there's no real enforcement. This is. It is like in our town it is the mayor wisely saying, this is how this has to work, and this is how this is going to work in public places and frankly the vast majority of Kansas City in going. Yeah. Yeah I think that makes sense and then just abiding diet and kind of not acknowledging the fact that there's really no enforcement mechanism. So anybody who's mad about stay at home order and who brings that up to point out to them, and we're all just kind of doing this on the Honor Code like if you're mad. At somebody it's your neighbors. It's not really the people in power because they actually have the resources to enforce everything I'm thinking about is like what else has the attorney general weighed in on recently hit his is one of the chief cabinet level positions that should be building public confidence in the free and fair administration of our elections but he is also repeatedly calling that into question too. So really commenting doubt discord and just all kinds of unhelped homeless for everybody except for one particular person. So Jason's point. Now you gotTa Ask who is he actually? WHO's this work benefiting the most right and you know Republicans were apoplectic that Loretta Lynch had the nerve to meet with Bill Clinton and say a quick hello on a tarmac of an airport. Meanwhile, we have bar making statements like this we have bar like I said WHO you know is massaging the impeachment report. He's dropping against Flynn. He reduced his sentence he gets stone. These are friends of the president who have secrets to keep, and then he went further and he's signaling how he thinks about the office and I. Think it's really important to take him at his word. So he was at a forum recently and he went off about his own Justice Department employees basically talking about how line prosecutors have too much discretion, and then he went on to talk about how he views the office and this is what he said. He said under the law prosecutorial power is vested in the Attorney General and these people are agents of the Attorney General as I say the FBI agents, who's Asian do you think you are? I. Don't say this in a pompous way. By the way. But that is the chain of authority and legitimacy in the Department of Justice. So he doesn't say guys in a pompous way, but I was under the impression that they're agents of the constitution and of this country not of the attorney. General am I wrong about that. But I've said it before he's poor man's Cheney and like he would he understands his power and using power and anything that he does in order to use that power toward what he wants to accomplish is therefore virtuous by default and anybody who wants to have a conversation about bill bar I just say. If after the Iraq war, you think the Dick Cheney should have had more responsibility and been kept around then like bill. Bar Is your guy. I thought the bar was set up unintended very low with Jeff sessions. This guy's going to game limbo. It's GonNa. Keep going lower and lower and lower. So we fall on our ass as a country which we may have done already but just to signal to to listeners. Okay. Why? Why pay attention? Because two things one is you may see a wave of a politically motivated prosecutions as we head towards the election very possible and to is that the Justice Department has a tremendous amount of authority over the way that elections are run and also the overtime period what happens after an election if they're still disputes about the vote, which we can pretty much guarantee, it's going to happen..

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