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When did you decide that you were a cowboy boot person godfrey well not always it's more of a public persona but i i guess early college that's just feels like a hard thing to just be like yup that's that's the thing i do now and look it works for you and that's great but it's the kind of thing with though right when you're when you're full of college is filled with those like over corrections of character and identity experiments and all that shit where like you can you can literally erase the collective memory by semester so if you pull a stunt like that at any other age of your life you're going to be made fun of whereas in college it's just like wait did she always do that i don't know i'm drunk i don't take sociology with you assholes anymore so i don't have to talk about it yep damn yeah i don't know are you you're you own a pair of cowboy boots ryan no i couldn't i couldn't pull that off to save my life do you holly do you own a pair of cowboy boots several several when did you decide you could carry them off it was never a decision point for me i've just always been around them the kiss i is from hill people just bang she's bain godfrey's batman i mean most of my family comes from appalachian north georgia and like i remember my grandparents wearing them and it was yeah i guess it's funnier to to meet here ryan act like it was a big choice we're just like it's way more it comes from the ambiance more than the affectation yes.

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