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Chemical plant in New Jersey WCBS TV's Christina fan A huge fireball lit up the night sky in Passaic followed by a toxic cloud of smoke The burning chemicals inside seen and smelled miles away along route 21 That was really scary you know It was like crazy I never seen nothing like that you know The fire started around 8 30 p.m. inside a warehouse owned by Cuoco incorporated Russia rejecting accusations of fake sabotage against a background of a major cyberattack on Ukrainian government computer systems U.S. intelligence thinks Russia is setting the stage for an escalation of its border tensions with Ukraine Pentagon spokesman John Kirby We already have indications that Russian influence actors are already starting to already starting to fabricate Ukrainian provocations But reaction to that from Moscow the Kremlin says reports of sabotage operations in Ukraine are unfounded Tom fadi CBS News Washington Novak Djokovic faces a hearing In Australia After a series of meetings and hearings in the wake of his most recent Visa cancellation the fate of the world's number one tennis player relies on one final court appearance It'll play out just one day before he's due to play at the Australian tennis open He's still slated for a first round clash pending the outcome of an emergency weekend federal court hearing on whether Australia can exercise hill reasons to cancel his Visa Scott maiman for CBS News Brisbane Australia Hundreds of Chicago public school systems protest COVID restrictions They've taken aim at Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot The students who walked out of school say the safety measures the teachers and the district agreed to a schools.

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