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In the mass shooting in Gilroy yesterday that left three dead and more than a dozen injured the shooters been identified as nineteen year old Centeno Lee in a resident of Gilroy about thirty miles south of San Jose what authorities don't know or haven't released yet is why he opened fire inside the annual garlic festival Sunday evening killing a man in his twenties a thirteen year old girl and a six year old boy from one's young people it's even worse your police chief Scott Smith he says the gunman used an A. K. forty seven type rifle which he legally purchased in Nevada less than three weeks ago T. engage the officers were fired at the officers with that rifle Smitty says a spot of his officers being out gunned they were able to shoot and kill the suspect and no officer was hurt I'm Jim route the man accused of going on a San Fernando Valley killing spree gunning down his father brother a woman he knew and a total stranger on the bus was charged today with four counts of capital murder Jerry dean's era goes up twenty six was unemployed and described by family members as being violent and having a history of drug use is expected to be arraigned in a van Nuys courtroom sometime this afternoon in addition to the four murder charges Sarah goes was also charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of attempted robbery the criminal complaint includes a special circumstance allegation of multiple murders opening him to a possible death sentence if convicted president trump has announced he will nominate Texas Republican representative John Radcliffe to replace director of intelligence Dan coats whose announced he's stepping down correspondent Abby Phillip reports this comes after Radcliffe's performance on Capitol Hill hearings last week president trump is naming him as his top intelligence official after last week in that hearing with Robert Muller R. Radcliffe really made the case publicly for what trump has been saying all along that Robert Muller should never have written this is the second volume of the mole report on obstruction of justice at all now that performance got president trump's attention and even though Dan coats his departure has been in the tea leaves for some time now it seems that this decision was made in the last several days mayor Garcetti has confirmed that there's been a large data breach at city hall the breach impacts about twenty thousand people Garcetti's office confirms the breach was discovered on Thursday it includes information about twenty five hundred Los Angeles police officers it also involves data related to more than seventeen thousand police officer applicants the mayor's office says it is adding more cybersecurity fills Hewlett K. A. B. C. news radio seven ninety KABC sports Dodgers loss to the nationals last night in DC they face the Rockies in Colorado tonight and the angels beat the Orioles last night in a host Detroit tonight that's sports on the new home of the U. S. C. Trojans I am seven ninety.

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