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Super Trivia you win all Batman Soup this out of out of West there robin utility belt. You know how to do the best imitation of Batmans Steve. I do not because Batman spoke this Robin Wright solid time to get in the Batmobile Robbin and we've got to save Gotham Robert was utility in there was that part of the impression that helps right. Yes exactly get get into my belt. Robin that was by request from one of our good members big wreck. He wanted he wanted to hear. You say you tell you utility. Belt Robin and so so I like to teach people Steve Okay I like to you know you give them something they can. They can run with for the day and the way you learn how to do shoot. Out Is well. I don't know how to say Steve. It's just before you're going to orgasm if you were talking oh just before you're gonna hit the top of the mountain houten. Steve Okay. Try It. Okay pretend Steve so you're gonNA pretend right here that it's all about to come to an end okay that you're about to. You're about to turn the corner. Steve Your vote to reach the top of the peak and then say utility belt okay utility Belt Yeah Good I. I'm a little different when it comes to that. That was a premature utility belt. I'm on the topic of Batman. Have you got any interest in this new joker movie by the way have you. I've seen any of the trailer sport it's got. It's got Joaquin Phoenix and this is how I'm gonNA. Give credit here because it's a it's a pretty well written article. Kathleen Newman remain remain she describes it this way it's either a near-perfect masterpiece or it's dangerous manifesto for radical and lonely white eight men so Jesus. There's a lot of criticism going on obviously for those reasons now. Where were we were in the middle of Warranty Super Trivia before we took a hard left turn.

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