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The on September Thirteenth Party can't that place called a read called the mad woman woman camp and he's just riffing right. He's got no idea what's going on. We read that diarrhea because quote all the women in the the camp were mad with anger yeah but not because of the location because of the experience boy. What is it about this area that makes women go Kuku Okubo Nana's like we're dying? Here's something which by you we are. I just Kim the wives dislike do fucking Watt. Hey guess my hasty fucking who guess what's GonNa make all the wives happier naming it after that God you guys are so fucking crazy. I'm calling this mad wife Alex. Hey guys I know you're pissed but I wanted to let you know kind of an Omar's moment. The in honor on September twenty fifth apart party finally completed pleaded the hastings cutoff told you tell you a quick. She tells you be easier. Sorry your family's dead so much closer when we were it took sixty days way way longer than it should. Have you know sometimes shortcuts aren't shorter. I don't know if you guys know that but they're not always so now. They're back on the original route insanely behind schedule. They're back on the original route good work. That's amazing. Tensions ran high between members of the Party. The read family teamster and the graves family teamster got into an argument as their wagons became tangled together. Well that'll get them. untangled read tried to make peace doing the men and pulled out his knife to cut the tangled ropes on the wagons one of the teamsters curse at read and hit read on the head with his whip handle repeatedly giving read a wide wide deep cuts on his face wake he whipped him. He hit the handled pistol whip. I'm familiar with a hit him with the handle the whipping we're panel like that'd be demeaning beating. Did you not respect affect me but my whip you little bitch. This isn't looking Chand. Get hurt not much but it's really are out the I hi it's volleyball's. You deserve the other end. Stab me like a man baby so then that was happening so Reid's wife rushed into help. Oh that's GONNA help his case. Leave my husband alone. I'M GONNA beat him further with the but Louis hitter yeah so then the teamster step toward the wife and read thought the teamster was going to attack his wife so he's in whip cussed by the yeah not sure what's going on so he stabbed the teamster in the chest Jesus Christ simpler places to start with that move the teamster bled it out pretty quick and died all the guy who was just hitting a guy in the face with the handle of okay demeaning meaning we look we all have weird favorites teamster to was my hero. Even though it was self defense many in the party turned against read but it wasn't really self defense it was like it was Kinda. High Enough Defense Sorta he'd been beaten with the Butt of a whip so it was a little woozy but then he was like don't touch her because the fuck you I was going to hug her. I people didn't like the reads because they were wealthy and start out with a ton of supplies and animals plus read was stubborn and arrogant so the group met and discussed it some wanted to read to the law wants to reach California. Okay others wanted months away. Yeah others others wanted immediate. Justice Lewis hated him in no read one Lewis hated him and wanted him Hong immediately in front of his friends and family income on. I let it be horrible dollars. Should we do it. We should do it in front of his friends and Family Sapa this dinner and then we'll make them eat them Goulash. That'll teach them one of the parties that Lewis began to quote convert a wagon tongue into makeshift gallows almost immediate weight so says some other German German psycho patches. Here's like a bit of that. I'll make a gallows. No we haven't signed off on anything just yet hang God worry. I made an iron maiden Aden got a whole setup over here didn't take too long either so it was pretty quick sweet how long before we go just I just think that would drain all his blood of this and then we feed our. I'm not sure I made a lot of stuff. There's a lot of options so many options we could do them. All we do one. I don't know let's there's make a day of it. That's what I'd say in front of his friends and family. They have to beat out for that pot. I want to see the look and his daughters is hot. Autism is open. Don't show them what I've done. A PA fuck with me instead they decided to banish Reed and they allow them to have a single single horse and that was it the gallows guys like I mean okay. What do I I said Yeah give them a horse? Good call who needs to severance package most saw this as a death sentence but read just road nonstop until he caught up with the donners who the two days ahead. What are you doing shits five back there? Let's tussle up hustle up on with you they send it to race and we need to beat them. The magic catching up with the Donner party being like few. I'm home again so read another man from the Donner Party road ahead to Sutter's there's Ford with a letter asking for team of oxen and supplies to survive until California on October seventh. Someone noticed the the Belgian man hard coupe was blessed gap doesn't help his name in either was missing. I mean I'm not gonna I pretty much forgotten about heart group so he's been missing for me for quite a while. Now he was in Lewis as wagon and Lewis said he had no idea where he was you. All BENJI named Belgian named hard goop just walking around lost so someone backtracked several miles and found around hard coop on the side of the trail. I it all halo going. His feet. Were bloody race so we'll get a bleeding so swollen. They were split open. It's they've got a real kind of a BIF- affiliated quality. Now he said Lewis had kicked him out of his wagon to lighten the load and left him on the side of the road days before all right. Now I like argue now poor little argue with his penguin feet and flapping out about their he's set just stay here but I will so get over here here so it's your feet they really are. It's like watching block so he brings them back to the group but no family would take our coop in their wagon had so they just left him again. Yes we sure did Hargopal. Fortunately yes assets so I know I remember when I found you. You were very dehydrated. Were stationed this yes and I oh I can't wait once again to have a Belgian pen. They let well the whole awful hold on their hardware. Let me let me do some of the awful I just. I'm so crazy I don't I underst- I I mix up pancakes and of course yes yes yes. I've ever really needed jump in right here right now of course park no no no no no and by the way that would be called a hard group Hug and no and let me tell you I think you're fantastic and I love everything about what's going on in the New Year. I think your feeder tastic. I really do going to scub- don't point them near me. What I'm trying to say is that unfortunately after pitching some of the families about taking their wagon? Unfortunately there's just no takers so we're going to have to twenty wagons. It would would appear to be so but again I mean I can't I can't I can't jammie into one of them. I can't let's just not my role here. My hands are tied. I can't do oh anything so sadly. This is kind of a second goodbye. Why yeah why wow well just because well? I don't like the attitude shift fucking Shit asses come back from me argues targeting argue. I'm I'm not gonNA end onto sour note with you because you're a bunch of fucking should ask is fucking dying each other fucking well well well. Someone's English is coming along suddenly okay okay all right all right way tried and I was very nice to you and here take these grains. I'm rubbing my foot. Dust you leave her alone. That's ADA. She's so much better than that Petra Tilda report so he just died out in the middle of nowhere just died out in the middle of nowhere. They're like okay bye. Hey we can catch Ya apo- you can now die further from those spot urine before which I think is really Nice for you on October fourteenth. Thank Mrs Whoa fingers husband was missing okay. Everyone assumed Lewis killed him for his money if so as busy Louis what I didn't you another fucking Guy I am ninety percent I did not.

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