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But that a good news on ve going westbound out of annapolis over the bridge after i ninety seven over the south river this was blocking two or three lanes at one point now everything is reduced to the left shoulder so trapped is going to be a lead of the heavy heading peasant seen but overall conditions are already much better and going this self appear on the eastbound side of fifty going out the way no delays i ninety seven going down sways also wide open round the beltway traffic is still very good in between bellies but meant by anthony deputy parkway aren't pretty good shape on oliver big bridges today do which have been warnings in place the disaster jake but beyond that it should be just a fine ride with good road conditions i'm jay walker wbal newsradio 1090 wbaltv 11 weather we'll see a coal they had windy at times high of thirty six partly cloudy and it's night blows to the 20s areawide few clouds around and tuesday polled and dry high of forty three chance for rain so mixed into wednesday i'm taylor rent on wbal newsradio 1090 mother of look in just a few clouds lots of some what really get your attention is the wind once again winds in the northwest at sixteen gusting to 25 we have finally crept above freezing at least officially all that the moderates thirty three degrees but with win it feels like 23 at 106 i'm bill vanko on wbal newsradio 1090 so the mozambique's ran the reactions our in and as you can imagine there are two very different viewpoints that are out there according to set things straight here on the show this afternoon i'm andrew langer hand until three now the.

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