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Played this week visiting teams won three times. So it's all even their three wins three losses. Indiana hoping to be the fourth team tonight against the Maryland Terrapins, obviously one of the hotter teams. In addition to Michigan is Michigan state is now is one nine in a row. They're five zero to start the weekend along with the wolverines Michigan has won seventeen consecutive big ten conference games. Dating back. Now the last season as they beat Purdue earlier in the week seventy seven fifty nine Winston caches Winston at twenty three points in that ballgame game. And I tell you the the Spartans did a great job against Carson Edwards holding Amdur season low eleven so we look at the home courts and of the thirty one games. We've had total the home courts at one twenty tonight. We talked right at the top. About this particular series since Maryland spin in the big ten we've played six games at spend three three. But the home team has dominated in the victories last night. Second ranked Michigan move to sixteen and they beat Illinois seventy nine sixty nine Xavier. Simpson's scored sixteen to lead. The wolverines it got down to five. But then they went on a run that was the closest ally nyc come again Michigan's offense and that defense a little bit too much for the align to recover from Nebraska one its twentieth. Straight home game last night. They beat Penn State seventy to sixty four. I'd say aerobics scored a career-high twenty two in that would of course, Nebraska now twelve and four and two and three in the big ten will be in Bloomington to take on the hoosiers at six thirty on Monday night of last week next week rather our top twenty five from last night fifth ranked Gonzaga now fifteen and two they dusted Pacific sixty seven to thirty. Eighty six one score of note UCLA in overtime one for the first time in five years out in Eugene, Oregon. They beat the ducks eighty seven eighty four Murray bardo. The former grad assistant at Indiana who took over for the fired Steve Alford now with the Bruins three. And also last night. It was Purdue Fort Wayne ninety four sixty nine over or Roberts there in first place the mastodons in the summit league. And it was I you you. Over Cleveland state ninety two seventy four we have sparse action tonight only one other game. And that is so Purdue playing later tonight against the Wisconsin badgers that has a nine o'clock start time on it. And we look at tomorrow Rutgers at Minnesota, Ohio State at Iowa and then on Sunday Michigan state at Penn State and northwestern at Michigan, by the way, we have now only two unbeaten teams says Houston was beaten earlier in the week. They lost a temple Seventy-three sixty nine in the AFC. So the Houston Cougars who play Wichita state tomorrow night at home now fifteen and one which leaves us really with only Virginia who's fourteen and though they ever road trip it Clemson tomorrow. And obviously the Michigan wolverines top ranked Duke will play at Florida state. The Seminoles still thirteenth ranked Duke thirteen and one in Tennessee third rank will play the Florida Gators down in Gainesville tomorrow evening, looking at some of the. Top twenty five games set for Saturday. That's a glance at our big ten on top twenty five report up next fish returns with the coach Archie Miller. The head coaches report ahead of tonight's game. With Maryland, it's brought to you by the credit union. This is Indiana University basketball on the care source radio network from learfield. Who's.

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