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Am had some struggles against Bandy, they take on number two Alabama one of the teams in the SEC with the huge win their coach. What are you looking for from Caitlyn Minden? This Cowan Mon- has to play better than he played last week he's got to protect football. Over the past two years, he's thrown nine interceptions each year he's gotTa make plays with his legs and he didn't have to do this against the really good Alabama football team I think that Alabama believe it or not ranked number two is underrated. Okay. I think they're under anything you look at their quarterback. He started plan last November the only quarterback in college football that had a higher quarterback rating was job. All right they've got four returning offensive Lineman they've got water they've got devante Smith, they've got nauseous Harris they've got Nick Sabin. So I think is going to be a really tough game for For Tam you Texas. Let's flip for macy's he action here number twelve north. Carolina looking to start to know in consecutive seasons for the first time since two, thousand, eight, nine, Dez what you got your eye on. A guys take a look at the trenches. Watch the guys in the trenches. Especially when we're North Carolina's on defense I, love their front seven David Plan. Fantastic. So far man going up against Boston is office of line. This group brings in like eighty plus starts this is the veterans group or you know it they see frank's Nettie. He wants to establish the run you WANNA keep Sam how UNC's quarterback off the field. So you're going to exercise some ball control running off his watch that game with chick trenches, US's deepest versus BBC's Office of land. All right. Let's flip over to SMU. They're going to walk in Memphis that never gets old coach. What do you expect him from the number twenty, five tigers this week I'm expecting an an upset look at the balance of Sonny dykes brought to the offense and at shame who show eight, hundred, fifty, two cash shortages second in the FBI look at their running game. All right. Look at T. J. McDonald mcdaniel Melissa's Bentley two hundred and twenty four yards per game an eight touchdowns between them. Great. Balance explosive their average almost forty nine points a game. MEMPHIS hasn't played since September Fifth I. Think they're going to be a little rusty and I think that SMU has a chance to run all over Memphis. This.

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