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WCBS, and we say good evening to meteorologist Danielle Niddle. We are expecting some fairly chilly temperatures tonight. Yeah. It is certainly going to be another chilly one across the area. Mac has versus right now. Just a few high clouds around currently and clear to partly cloudy. You will be what we're dealing with fourteen delete going down to thirty eight degrees in the city closer to the freezing. Mark though in those colder surrounding suburbs. Overnight tomorrow, seeing some sunshine early on, but that will be giving way to clouds it'll still be on the cool side tomorrow with a high of fifty one tomorrow night, cloudy skies rain will be developing a looks like that rain will be pushing in after much of the evening rush. The winds will be increasing tomorrow night as. As well, though, forty seven then for Saturday of every windy day. Chilly with rain that rain coming down heavy at times, especially during the morning hours. We'll start to see that rain slackening off some during the afternoon. Winds gusting close to fifty miles an hour near the coast on Saturday, and what to watch for some coastal flooding, especially around high tide as well. A high for Saturday. Fifty four degrees right now. Forty three degrees in Caldwell forty eight and flushing Forty-six and midtown going down tonight to a low of thirty eight MAC seven ten thank you Danielle here. WCBS the ten suspected explosive packages sent to prominent Democrats and CNN may have originated in Florida as a nationwide manhunt for whoever sent them is now underway WCBS reporter Mike melts with the latest in the investigation. This is a nationwide investigation involving multiple jurisdictions coast to coast FBI assistant director Bill Sweeney says each of the ten suspected packages are now being analyzed by technicians at an FBI lab in Quantico Virginia. None of the ten packages that were sent exploded leading. Some to wonder whether devices were set as a hoax intended to instill fear, but not bodily harm during the briefing NYPD Commissioner Jimmy O'Neill batted down that line of thinking. This is something that should be taken. Seriously, the NYPD the FBI where we're taking this seriously. We are treating them as as live devices the Commissioner later went on to define them as suspected explosive devices the person or people behind the suspicious packages remains a mystery one that Commissioner Neil says they will solve given time at NYPD headquarters. Mike's melts CBS news, NewsRadio eight eighty seven eleven a WCBS the first person to die from the flu in New York City. This season is a child department of health is not given an age on that child or where they are from citing patient confidentiality a child died sometime in the last two weeks. A health officials are giving the usual yearly reminder to get a flu shot grief counseling and around and around the clock hotline are.

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