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To people. The team has to people. Top billed maggie q second. Build the doctor who's a gut health expert. That's i think she met this doctor and was like let's start a i love your stuff. Let's start a thing. So i actually kind of think that it feels who because she's talking about poop like she's like more like take a poop in the morning yay in the morning. I'm able to wake up early. I'm able to walk my dogs hike. My dog's going around and get to work on time. You know sustain throughout the day doll lines if it's a physical day able to still have the physicality and my mind sharp say all right. Let's talk about poop. I do think that this is like actually less who we because it seems like she met. This doctor became obsessed with his stick. And said let's start a company. Let's like sell up so when you do that. Unfortunately you have to start saying bowel movement. And she's come to terms with that. I regret to inform you that i'm calling about joshua bassett and Elevated them because as i'm sure you know joshua bassett mr released this song called live i li- i just watched the music video and i just wanna clear things up for people who might be coming in like totally uneducated unlike me as a high school musical series stan. Joshua bassett wrote this song like before he ever dated over there. We go so it's not about her. So my suspicion is that he like his team pressured him to release it because it would get more coverage because if you listen to the lyrics by themselves they sound like they kind of relate to their situation but it's not about her and the thing about it is. This song isn't even that good. It sounds like some knock off boy van song to sing by himself and he's good looking enough but like he is better songs. You can release. So i think this is all a pr son. That he's like his team is trying to take advantage of Libi watch we go is just rising above it anyway. I want everyone to know the truth. So like thinks. Olivia would li- li- okay. Oh my god hold about josh bath and living cheapo. Unlike soon after i call trash that has posted the humans in the hospital. He won wanna make clearer. Don't hate him. I hope he gets better. And i hope you're sleep happy. Her don't feel bad he's fine. He's fine and that song as fulop. Sorry and you're right. I think you're totally right about the kind of underhanded. Whatever because if you've listened to the song lila. You're like oh. This is kind of like a like a pushback to driver's license. But in actuality he wrote it way before the whole song even came out or whatever so it's not bad and he claims it's not about that which is interesting because if our him i would lean into it because the song is not good enough to sell itself and driver's licenses number one on the charts so if you're not going to ride off that energy then what's the point. That's what the caller suggests he was trying to do. He was trying to write off the energy but it didn't work because the song doesn't really make sense as a comment you know but then he came out and said. It's actually not about that. And i'm like why even admit that just like loon. Twin saline. just say nothing say nothing. Yeah well let us figure it out ourselves. They can't say nothing but yeah it's a flop of a song but her song and actually her song has kind of fully disengaged from him as a person from what i've seen it's like more about her and like really not about who it's about. It's about him which is so nice. It doesn't have to be about the guy. It's about livia. Oh it also like people don't need to harass him for no reason like let him just like live his life like let her song popular. I'm sure she doesn't give a shit anymore. She's like a number one song. No one even knew who i will. Never while livia lead has as the hooligan. Olivia who is constantly calling and like giving us such good gossip and commentary Shot out of libya should be in delaware calls with hi. It's olympia and i your number one libya to us but number two. Olivia taxing this to lindsey and lalanne novels and i was like i'm obsessed with the fact that the number one song in the world is bhai some girl named olivia. I don't wanna use the term girl next door but she so girl next door that you're just like us just some girl i love it. But that's why she was cast on high school musical the musical the show the show or whatever nine school musical musical the series but she was podcast in the vanessa hudgens girl next door situation. That was the architect. It's not dripping and celebrity. The way all of our pop stars are right now. That's it's novel and that won't last obviously because now she's so famous so happens when somebody comes out of nowhere like that. They're not like celebrity. It's like it's like when you come out of nowhere and you you get number one in everyone's like paying attention to you don't drip celebrity at. You're not like in that world yet. We should just enjoy it while we can. Because these things don't last they're not really meant to so olivia monod. Libya wild who. There's a new olivia in town. Have a good day at work. Olivia road rigo work. Live.

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