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Six six we, be big is the number. Without umbrella For some reason I was able some stories will cover today we'll get, the, CBS, story today Mackin not because the fact that Last moon. Moon moon base, has been talked about so much about Letterman and all them and just waiting for him to be in trouble now is funny but we'll. We'll see what the real deal is on that coming up. A little bit later on CBS has gone had feudal handles lately More than half but anyway but moving forward Greg what you in Bubba one of our favorite topics today Ruth Ginsburg is Let. Me be clear I'm sorry Ruth. Bader Ginsburg Bethany Say Thank you But anyway she does remind us. Of that and now she made some declaration about all these supreme court justices that you know Trump's is trying to get his second one in and and, she's declaring she's not. Going anywhere The you know the the lives are panicking because all the spots come open during his term she's saying she's got five more is that, right Bubby marine yeah She is a matter of fact she was at. A New York production call the originalist and it. Is about judge Antony I won't say Anthony but that's not how you, say Anthony and Anton Antony Antony Scalia one of, our? Great conservative minds of our time now in in, a bizarre, thing here him and Ruthie we're kinda. Piles. But disagreed on everything that came before. The court right but they used. To battle each, other in private you know meetings and and talk about these cases anyway there's. Been a production made about him. Call the originalist? In New. York Was there and then, she did, a little interview about that in she. Was. Asked about her age and how long, she's gonna stay on the court Ain't she said that she will probably She's looking to John Paul Stevens who was only. Court till he was ninety years old so she says she's got at. Least five more years according to CNN, how does she knowledge only well saying I guess if. She makes it you keep doing it She assured the crowd that she, wasn't leaving anytime soon At the production when, asked about retiring or setting limits on supreme. Court term she said such an effort would be. Impossible you can't set term limits because. To do, that you have to amend the constitution. Article three says we hold our offices during good behavior And most judges are well. Behaved she, added as the crowd laugh well again See what the courts, turned into, should, concern all of us because really here's, she, is openly saying you know not you know what they all should say well we will rule on the cases that come. Before, us based, on what is the law and, that's, Bolton in both sides really you know but there are now openly say well don't worry some of us that our. Lives were still going to be here. And. We'll try to balance this out now y'all shouldn't be balancing anything. Out politically, you should do simply be interpreting the law and interpreting the constitution I mean that's. All you should be doing and. That's supposed to have no party. Affiliation, whatsoever The, Justice Ginsburg also said law by, the, way she told the press about her time working with Scalia where the two would go back and forth informing argument. She said if I had a choice. Of. Dissenters when I was writing for the court it would be Justice. Scalia sometimes, it was like a ping-pong game she said have you but but Ruth beta baiter Ginsburg but sometimes. I'm like, you guys will use the Bethany thing because there's times when there's a group, picture of them or something's. Going on like when the president's given. The state, of the, union she doesn't she's awake She. She doesn't photograph oil can't find the camera again her comments were very. Funny and entertaining but she. She appears by the visual, that she's not with us sometimes she's eighty five and. And I'm not being a age hater what do you, want, to call me should be required to stay, away that should be a requirement if you can't stay awake no matter how you are and we've seen her asleep, we seen those big enough that the whole group picture, no but. We saw It looks. It's, a sad state State for the country Rick supreme. Court justices are, like football coaches. They don't. Know win the league Hang on and hang on. Hang on to become Joe picture Excuse me They, want you She she did. She added that she credits, her late husband Marty with her. Hope in politics She says my. Dear spouse would. Say that, the true symbol of the United States it's, not the bald eagle it's a pendulum she. Said when it goes too far in. One direction you. Can count on. It swinging back now there's, a lot of truth to that I thought that was pretty good Credit Ruth Bader Ginsburg with. Much, but I actually her husband yeah She's quoting it. Right so we she gets it now but. Her husband was correct. We see we see that, all the time it's like people don't. They can't believe it happens, but it happens all the. Time You know what it's almost like we use. The American people get. Bored with a certain thing, and then we go somewhere sweet You know when it's like water settling, in a container or are. In swimming pool or whatever you know it sloshes back and forth and it, gets less, and less but there's times with politics it seems like it gets wilder and wilder which makes for. A, rougher ride you know it's it. Would be, nice if the pendulum calmed, everything down as opposed to made it go worse well really what she should have, said I, mean she throughout the five years but what she really should have said is our remain, here? As long as? I'm you know mentally and physically able to do it because they leaned that, she needed to step down right I don't know We all know we all know this age with parents. Who are aging parents who've already gone. On into glory we know that things at this age you how you are eighty-five versus how you beat eighty seven. Could be wildly Yeah I mean you know in in that sad but that's just part of. The aging process but Can't you can't just hang on because you don't. Want to. Give up a slot even when you're on your game in your mid eighties and. Up I. Don't I don't think anybody would say you're sharp as you. Were. Maybe in, your sixty that's impossible you can't, interpret law like you did when you first. Came Now that's your job I think if you're if you do have your act together you. Should realize. It well let me tell you what's funny we have we have we have this man that. We recognize every year there Rick Nash shot that looking at That's exactly what I'm. Talking about good there's a picture of her on our TV, right now she's sound. Asleep, needs to be hired to hold her head up you. Must be required to stay awake but you know hey. Rebecca nostrums air tyrod from her Yeah How about? That Wow Gracious those people have, very very important. Job Does it matter of fact your? Me they built like the picture of what whoever they. Is always been the, picture I've seen They say, always always picture a group he looks just like that well I shouldn't be as important, as they have become I think the? I think the power which is split? Between our branches of government has drifted Little Haiti Correct And here's the thing when you're making up, law that's what. Happens. Right when you're ruling on the, law you're not as important because if you say something's, unconstitutional then the congress goes back to. Late they work And that's where the law. Should be Not over there where the where. Roads, by the way it was designed yeah That's exactly bottom of the hour we'll be. Back.

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