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Again. You couldn't get into. you still couldn't get into lhasa. And this provoked people more and more. But by this point there was a new element had been added to the mix and that was the element that the missionary said. I had quite dismissed and that was bet was the land of spiritual burity of spiritual density. It was the land where people really understood what it was that made people tick and the tendency was for the west trying to escape. Its materialism to escape the industrial revolution to escape. The malaise of modern life was to romanticize tibet as a place of enlightenment. A place where you could understand what your life was about. If you could just get to. Lhasa would unlock the riddle of the universe. It was like mecca. It was closed and you remember the role mecca played amongst explorers. Who were fascinated to somehow kennedy trait mysterious of this forbidden city so now lhasa had a whole new dimension to it. The golden roof of the la. All sorts of mythologies began to build up that this was the riddle of human existence. Tibetans understood mystical power. They could fly it could do astral projection. They could you know diane and come back to life again. There was all sorts of sort of hocus pocus and projections onto tibet. And then another wave hit in europe. Hitler started to march. And as europe teetered on the brink of world war two and ultimately the holocaust. Kind of seminal. Thing happened and probably many of you have read this book and seeing this movie. Lost horizon came out. And you remember what that was about. Shangri la and shangri la it was this mythic utopia hidden away and the himalayas where no one got old. No one had to work where the grand lama played romo and scarlatti on the harpsichord read buddhist scriptures. It was hodgepodge of sort of all the elements of west and east but it was civilization. It was written by a an oxford don very literate interesting book and it was his fantasy projection of the place europe pine for as it headed toward the abyss and it had a profound effect. That word shangri la still in our minds in fact. There's a hotel chain out on the far east. Call the shangri la hotels and every night instead of putting a mint on your pillow. They put a quotation from lost horizons. The imputation being that you have arrived in shangri la and you will sleep peacefully and this is a refuge from the hurly-burly of the world outside. It's an interesting image to all of us. And you remember what happened when conway plane takes off from china some revolution and it gets hijacked mysteriously it lands in the mountains and the people on it therefore four of them get taken into shangri la and conway finally comes out and when he comes out immediately gets old and the woman he loves manchu woman. He's found in. Shangri la gets old and finally goes back. England has a breakdown. And then he returns to shangri la. It's all sort of mysterious then. The movie came out now..

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